Ang Thong’s spirit boat lures lottery hopefuls with sacred numbers

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A boat believed to be inhabited by spirits has become the centre of attraction in Ang Thong province, attracting locals with the lure of winning lottery numbers.

The boat, located at Wat Mai Khok Marum temple, is linked to the tragic tale of a woman named Praewa and her unborn child, Grung Gring. It is thought to have sailed from Bangkok before meeting a grim fate. Now, it’s a shrine where the devout seek mystical insights.

Wat Mai Khok Marum in the district of Wiset Chai Chan was abuzz with villagers seeking divine intervention. They gathered around a large, ancient boat containing a wooden shrine and a statue, hoping to spot lucky numbers.

This vessel is steeped in lore, with the story suggesting that Praewa once journeyed from Bangkok and tragically died aboard, along with her unborn child, who was posthumously named Grung Gring. The boat, now harboured at Wat Mai Khok Marum, has become infamous for its eerie presence.

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A 68 year old woman, overwhelmed by emotion, broke down crying in front of the boat, later explaining that she couldn’t control herself. Villagers applied flour to the sides of the boat to reveal sacred numbers, with 461 emerging as the day’s sought-after digits.

The temple, unique for housing the largest number of sacred Teak trees, 50 in total, has become a hotbed for those seeking fortunes. It is believed that encountering a Teak tree on one’s property is an omen that it should be offered to the temple.

The temple’s fame extends beyond the boat and sacred trees. It’s also known for a cat named Tohn, revered for dispensing winning lottery numbers to believers, reported KhaoSod.

Following Tohn’s death, the temple committee preserved its body, which remains a focal point for fortune-seekers.

In related news, a timely stroke of luck has befallen a widowed farmer in Nakhon Ratchasima as he won a staggering 12 million baht in the lottery, with plans to generously donate a boat to a local rowing club because of his grandchild’s national team success.

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