Alleged child rapist arrested after fatal assault of a toddler

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A one-year-old toddler tragically died after being assaulted and sexually abused by her nanny’s husband in Nakhon Nayok. The incident has led to additional charges being considered by the police.

The atmosphere at Nakhon Nayok Hospital was filled with sorrow as the child’s relatives, who had been by her side since she was admitted, received the heartbreaking news earlier today, July 10. The family has now transferred her body to Ongkharak Hospital for a post-mortem examination, still troubled by scratch marks on the child’s face.

The alleged perpetrator, 37 year old Pichit Phadungkij, had already been remanded in custody by the Nakhon Nayok Provincial Court. Given the girl’s death, police plan to bring him back to court for further questioning and to press more severe charges related to her death.

The father of the deceased child, 18 year old Chawinbutr shared that he received the devastating news from the hospital around 5am. The family rushed to Nakhon Nayok Hospital to collect the body for the post-mortem examination at Ongkharak Hospital.

Chawinbutr expressed his desire for the police to pursue additional charges against Pichit to prevent him from harming other families in the future.

Sri Phrai, the suspect’s wife, upon learning of the child’s death, sent a message to the victim’s family expressing her condolences. She apologised and stated that the law should take its course against Pichit for his actions.

Despite her apology, the victim’s family insisted they would not settle for any compromises. The family informed reporters that after bringing the body of their beloved toddler to the temple to initiate religious rites, they will meet with the investigators at Ongkharak Police Station to request legal action against everyone involved, reported KhaoSod.

The tragic event has shocked the local community and raised significant concerns about child safety and the responsibilities of caregivers. The police investigation remains ongoing, and the family of the deceased is seeking justice for their loss.

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