Krabi officials hunting motocross drivers who rode bikes in historic cave – VIDEO

PHOTO: Richard Doring / T Globe

Officials in the southern province of Krabi are on the hunt for a group of motocross riders who rode their bikes through an historic cave considered a significant ancient site. It’s believed the bikers were participating in some sort of race, and officials are now attempting to track down the race organisers as well as the bikers. According to a Bangkok Post report, it’s believed there may be some local politicians among the organisers.

In September 2016, the Fine Arts Department, which sits under the umbrella of the Culture Ministry, declared Toh Luang cave, in the Ao Luk district of Krabi, a significant ancient site. The cave has been used as a film location for a number of foreign movies.

The bike race came to the attention of local authorities when residents reported seeing a group of motocross riders enter the cave on bikes and race an obstacle course around the cave’s stalagmites, before speeding away after about 20 minutes.

VIDEO: Thai PBS News

Yesterday, the Royal Forestry Department and local officials conducted a survey of the inside of the cave, in which they observed damage to some stalagmites and stalactites, as well as tyre marks on some of the ancient paintings that decorate the cave wall. After checking all 3 levels of the cave, officials say there is evidence the race took place on both the first and second level. Adisorn Nuchadamrong from the Royal Forestry Department say those responsible face charges of damaging or destroying forestry resources.

It’s understood the race was filmed and originally shared on social media before the post was deleted.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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