Damage found in the Ao Kung mangroves

Watcharin Thinthalang, Director of the Phuket Marine and Coastal Management Division of the Phuket Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) says, “Ao Kung mangrove forest is under the protection of local laws. Any digging, dredging or other actions for a marina or other development can only be done through proper legal processes and current laws protecting mangrove forest areas.”

Today’s inspection of the area follows resident and environmentalist concerns about a proposed marina and dredging that is planned for the area.

“We have located the one rai plot intended for development. We can see on maps and and old photos that trees were growing on this area in the past. This is a big issue because we’re wondering where they’ve all gone.”

Officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) inspected the Ao Kung area to check out the resident’s complaints and the concerns of environmentalists about the mangrove swamps running along the coastline in that area.

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Director-General Jatuporn Burutpat of the DMCR says, “a notice sign was placed to inform that this area is a mangrove forest and must not be encroached. We found that the sign has already been destroyed.”

“We are investigating to find the offenders who damaged this area. An official report has been filed with police. Urgent mangrove forest planting must be undertaken to replace those mangrove plants that have already been damaged or removed.”

“We have ordered the Phuket DMCR to make a clear mangrove boundary and put a notice up to prevent any further encroachment and damage to the local mangroves. This should be done within two weeks.”

Phuket Vice Governor Thawornwat Kongkaew says, “we have to set up a clear procedure to prevent this type of issue in the future. I believe that this will not only happen in Ao Kung but will happen in other areas as well where people see potential to profit from unused land. There will surely be many developments to support marine tourism on the island but they must be done in accordance with planning procedures and protection of our environment.”

“We should have a clear announcements and signage relating to protected areas. People who want to buy the land that is connected with mangrove forest for any project will have to consider again for how much land they can use for any project and how they’re going to protect the ecology around their developments. Mangrove forest covers many areas along the east coast of Phuket.”

Damage found in the Ao Kung mangroves | News by Thaiger Damage found in the Ao Kung mangroves | News by Thaiger

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