Two southern men accused of killing police officer arrested in Bangkok

The two men allegedly stayed at Central Mansion Lad Phrao, photo by Agoda.

Police arrested two southern men in Bangkok today who are accused of killing a police officer. The two men are the prime suspects in the fatal shooting of a sergeant major in southern Phattalung province earlier this month. A police lieutenant general said the suspects were also linked to other cases involving drugs and attempted murder.

The two men allegedly shot the sargeant major when he was going to arrest them on drug charges. After they shot him, one of the men allegedly hid in rubber plantations in Phattalung. An unnamed source said both men traveled to Bangkok by private car, although the police lieutenant only mentioned one of them arriving a few days ago. He said that suspect, Jamras, might have been planning to leave the country.

When 30 police raided the room the men were renting, they found Jamras’s girlfriend. The girlfriend is 17 years old, while Jamras is 45. The police threw stun grenades as they entered the room.

The other suspect is Atthaphon, who is 21 years old. Both suspects denied all charges, but police insist they have strong evidence.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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