Married Thai woman hits younger lover with massive palimony claim

A young Thai man’s married older lover has responded with a massive palimony claim after he tried to break up with her. The lover also claims that the young man raped her.

The 24 year old man, “A,” said he met the 46 year old woman last year when he got an internship at a train station. He said he saw the woman take the train every day, and he started speaking to her. A said he then asked the woman for her LINE and Facebook ID, but she told him that she was already married.

A said he didn’t talk to the woman for a few days, but suddenly, the woman contacted him. He said she started telling him about her problems. A said that on August 31, 2021, the woman went with him when he got a Covid-19 jab, and the two of them later had sex, Matichon reported.

Afterwards, A confronted the woman about how the two of them were having an affair while she was still married. A says the woman then told him she was demanding 400,000 baht palimony from him because he raped her. But A insists that the two had sex consensually.

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A went to Bangkok Noi police station yesterday to clarify with police that he did not rape the woman.

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Tara Abhasakun

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