Man stabbed and killed his mother, wrapping plastic bags on her head

PHOTO: A man killed his mother in the Bangkok food court she worked. (via Facebook ป่อเต็กตึ๊ง จุดทองหล่อ)

A man in Bangkok has been charged with the brutal murder of his mother after she was found stabbed and with plastic bags wrapped tight around her head and neck. The murder took place last night in the Lumphini district of Bangkok, where the 26 year old engineer killed his mother in a wild attack in the food court where she worked according to witnesses that contacted the police.

Police were summoned to the fourth floor of the Mahatun Plaza Building on Ploenchit Road where witnesses were still gathered discussing the crazy events that had just unfolded. The fourth floor of the office building contains a parking garage and the food court where the victim had a stall, and police officers arrived accompanied by rescue workers, forensic officers, and a doctor.

Witnesses directed the police to a room that the unnamed suspect had locked himself in while committing the murder. Officers were able to convince him to come out and surrender after negotiating with him through the closed door. He was taken to the Lumphini Police Station.

After convincing the man to open the door, police found his 60 year old mother. She was deceased and covered in blood with four plastic bags over her head that had been closed tightly around her neck. Police recovered two knives on the floor by her body. Witnesses said that the man went crazy without provocation and suddenly attacked his mother and killed her. He is being held in custody and facing charges of matricide.

The 26-year old man was on leave and visiting his mother in Bangkok for about 2 weeks before his crazed attack killed her. He works for a big firm in Rayong as an engineer and had been suffering from work-related stress. He had recently sought treatment for this stress at Samitivej Hospital.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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