Immigration police in Bangkok arrest 2 people on fraud charges

Photo by Thai Immigration Bureau

Immigration police in Bangkok arrested a Japanese man and a Chinese man on fraud charges in separate cases. One suspect arrested for allegedly scamming people out of millions of baht and the other arrested for allegedly making fake electronic cards to make purchases online.

The Japanese man, identified as ‘Yamada’, allegedly scammed 3 people by claiming he knew many influential people in Thailand that could help get them out of legal trouble if they paid a bribe. The victims say they lost more than 40 million baht. The 3 victims filed complaints with police earlier this year and Immigration Police chief Sompong Chingduang says a warrant was issued in February after an initial investigation.

In another case, Chinese national Jiang Xiaolin allegedly produced and used counterfeit electronic cards to make purchases online. Police raided his apartment in Bangkok and seized several electronic credit cards, electronic card readers and encoders. Officers say the man admitted that the cards were his. Jiang faces charges of making counterfeit electronic cards by altering information from actual electronic cards and using counterfeit electronic cards.

SOURCE: Pattaya News

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