Driver surrenders to police after dumping injured 5 year old boy in front of hospital

The pickup truck driver who fled the scene after dumping an injured 5 year old boy outside a Bangkok hospital has finally surrendered himself to police.

The 5 year old boy was dropped in front of Suksawat Hospital in Rat Burana district at about 3pm yesterday by pickup driver Arnon Nantra. The boy was suffering from a broken hip, wounds, and bruises all over his body.

CCTV footage, showing the man carrying the boy, placing him in front of the hospital, and fleeing the scene, went viral yesterday after the video was posted on Thai social media.

The boy, 5 year old Thattham “Korn” Santisook, was discovered by hospital staff unconscious on the floor outside the hospital entrance.

Hospital staff reported the boy was tentative at first when questioned about the incident when he was being treated. The hospital staff said the boy cried all the time and kept saying “I’m scared.”

After treatment the child began to relax, telling medical staff that he lived with his father and older brother at a house near the Big C Dao Kanong shopping mall.

The boy’s father and brother arrived at the hospital later. The older brother revealed they were playing on the road when a pickup suddenly hit the boy. The brother dashed inside his home to inform the father, but the child was gone when they went back.

Guilt finally got the better of the 52 year old pickup driver after seeing the CCTV footage and he surrendered himself at 9pm.

Arnon confessed he hit the boy outside the shopping mall. At first, he didn’t recognise that he had hit someone, but a witness told him to stop. He found the injured boy and took him to the hospital. He admitted he didn’t hang around because he feared being arrested.

The remorseful driver promised the boy’s family that he would take care of the medical bills.

Police charged Arnon with reckless driving causing injuries to others and covering up the incident. He has been released on bail but needs to report to the police at a later date.

SOURCE: Thairath

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