Bangkok police help Chinese tourist get phone back after she left it in a cab

Police helped Wan get her phone back, photo by The Pattaya News.

Bangkok police helped a Chinese tourist get her phone back after she accidentally left it in a cab. The incident happened on Friday at around 5.45pm near Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong intersection.

Chinese national Wang Chunhua notified Lumpini Police Station about her missing phone through the SOS system under the Smart Safety Zone initiative.

After receiving the report, officers went to the location to meet with Wang. She told the officers that she had forgotten her smartphone in the taxi she took to the Ratchaprasong intersection. She realised that her phone was missing only after the cab had driven off. She asked for assistance from a security guard, who then advised her to contact the police.

The officers accompanied Wang and her friend to the police station and contacted the taxi driver, Ekachai Soda. The officers were able to identify the taxi driver through a CCTV camera that was installed in the area as part of the Smart Safety Zone initiative.

Ekachai later showed up at the station to return Wang’s phone. He told the officers that he was not aware of the phone in his cab, and he was very happy to help Wang, The Pattaya News reported.

Following the incident, Wang thanked the officers and Ekachai. She praised Ekachai’s honesty and the impressive job by law enforcement in responding to the incident. Wang said…

“Whoever says Thailand is not safe is not telling the truth. I would like to invite everyone to come and visit Thailand.”

It’s not uncommon for tourists to lose valuable items while travelling. But from time to time, stories surface of kind people who help tourists get their belongings back.

Earlier this month, a kind Pattaya baht bus driver was praised for his integrity after returning a lost bag containing thousands of euros and other valuable items to its rightful owner, a Finnish tourist. The bag with 4,000 euros was left behind in the back of the baht bus.

In another incident earlier this month, Phuket Police helped a Russian woman get her pricey diamond earrings back after she accidentally left them at a guesthouse at Nai Yang Beach last month. The woman, 42 year old Elena Zholobetskaia, realised that her 70,000 baht earrings were missing while she was travelling in Koh Samui after she had already checked out of the guesthouse.

Last month, a kind Thai man returned a pricey gold necklace to a British tourist in Patong. The bracelet was reportedly worth 150,000 baht.

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