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Why Buy Type 2 Motorbike Insurance Through the Thaiger?

We guaranteed that you are secured with us. We offer a wide variety of insurance, including car, health, property, personal accident and more!

What is type 2 Motorbike Insurance?

Type 2 motorcycle insurance is for motorcycles that are less than five years old. Type 2+ insurance is in the middle price and coverage range since it provides equivalent coverage to Type 1 insurance but excludes accidents involving no third party. This implies you would not be covered if you cause unintended harm to your car, such as hitting a post or backing into a wall.

Furthermore, Type 1 insurance sends the bike to official garages for repairs, while Type 2+ insurance sends it to 3rd party independent garages.

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How to check type 2 motorbike premiums?

Check type 2 motorbike premiums online with these simple steps

Provide identification cards

Provide a valid identification containing complete name and identification number or passport number.

Provide house registration

Provide current address and must be written completely.

Provide vehicle documents

Provide documents of the vehicle such as the registration papers.

Submit the documents

After completing the documents you may now proceed to submission.

What are the main cover of type 2 motorbike insurance

Type 2 motorbike insurance provides coverage that will give you a good value for your budget. Take a look at the lists of coverages that is provided when you buy type 2 motorbike insurance.

Accident with road vehicle

Accidents involving licensed road vehicles, such as motorbikes and other cars, are protected by Type 2+ policies up to the amount insured.

Accident from motorbike theft

If your motorcycle is less than 5 years old and you are the victim of car theft, a Type 2+ policy would protect you for 10,000 baht. The Insurer will compensate for damage to the motorbike caused by theft or attempted theft during the insurance period. The amount insured declared in your policy specifies the maximum payout.

Fire cover

Covers fire damage to the body of your motorbike up to the amount insured. The Insurer will cover for any fire-related damage to your motorbike that happens during the insurance period (total or partial). The amount insured declared in your policy specifies the maximum payout.

Accidental injury

Cover costs up to the extent of Compulsory (CTPL) Insurance in the event of a road vehicle accident. During the policy period, the Insurer will compensate for any harm to a third party’s life or health caused by your motorbike.

Property damage

During the insurance period, the Insurer will pay for damage to third-party property caused by the motorbike. Covers up to 600,000 baht in losses to people caused by you and your bike, including public trees, light poles, houses, and other cars.

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Customer Reviews


I decided to call The Thaiger after speaking with some friends and hearing about their positive experiences with them. Every time I contact them, I have a wonderful experience, In comparison to the other previous insurance companies.

Lisa Barner


The speed with which they respond to customer service and the fairness with which they conduct business have both impressed me. Everything was done very professional and objective! Thank you for renewing my faith in Thailand’s “insurance” industry.

Tucker Colt


Very easy process and impressive service. Everything was done and completed in a few days, thank you. The only issue was that communicating with the saleswomen was a little difficult.

Travis W.


Good site, with lots of information. Type 2 bike insurance seems very interesting for my scoopie bike. Will send my enquiry now.

Aaliya Holmer


I’ve had to call the Thaiger’s partners every time I’ve needed to make changes to my policy. I’ve been treated with respect, and each change has been explained thoroughly. Thank you for your continuous support.

Madison K.


After having the accident a couple of days ago, the clamming procedure was completed today. Staff at the insurance company always responded to my questions and requests, lucky I got this insurance before.

Dalen Maxwell

What are the type 2 motorbike additional coverage?

Save money on your premium while getting an extra benefits to the insurance policy that you have paid for.

Below are the lists of an additional coverage for type 2 motorbike insurance.

Medical costs incurred as a result of an accident, permanent disability, or death caused by your motorcycle will be covered by the insurer. When you and your passenger are involved in an accident, medical payments compensation accounts for your medical expenses.

Medical payments coverage, unlike personal injury insurance, does not cover missed earnings or other expenses.

Key Points:

  • Medical costs will be covered by the insurer
  • Provide medical payments compensation when you and your passenger got in an accident
  • Does not cover missed earnings or other expenses

Hospital bills for injuries that you, your passenger, or pedestrians incur in an accident are generally covered, regardless of who is at fault.

While some insurers provide this, some states may bar insurers from selling the policy to bikers due to their high accident rate.

Key Points:

  • Covered hospital bills
  • Regardless of who is at fault
  • Some states may bar insurers from selling the policy due to their high accident rate

If you are found guilty of violating the law in a car accident, you could end up in court and even in prison. Your Type 2+ policy’s bail bond portion would cover the expense of bailing you out.

The insurer will pay damages incurred as a result of the driver’s disability or death as a result of a motorcycle accident involving the motorcycle.

Key Points:

  • If you are found guilty could end up in court or prison
  • Policy’s bail bond portion would cover the expense

Guarantees the best coverages for your motorbike insurance

It offers almost the same comprehensive covarage as type 1 motorbike insurance but at a cheaper rate. Buy type 2 motorbike insurance and ride safe with its provided privilege.

Top tip: It has almost the same coverages as the type 1 insurance but it cheaper.

Why choose The Thaiger?

We offer a wide range of insurance policies for you to choose from. It’s easy to compare plans and decide the type of insurance that is best suited for you.

We’ve designed a system that allows you to buy insurance quickly and easily, with detailed explanations that is simple to understand and follow.

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Have the right to choose the right type of insurance for your motorbike needs. We are here to help you understand each of them and gives you a fair and affordable amount.

Type 1 Motorbike Insurance

Get protection for you and your motorbike in the event of an accident or incident that is your fault. And if the accident was your fault, the insurance provider would pay for the damage to the bike.

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Compulsory car insurance

Important protection of your legal responsibility to any third party for the death or medical costs of third parties. It is required for all registered vehicles, as the name suggests, and is usually paid for at the cost of vehicle registration in most states and territories.

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Insurance for destroyed or stolen bikes

One of the most critical aspects of your motorbike policy to grasp is how it pays out if your bike is stolen or damaged. Settlements are classified into three groups.

Actual cash value

It reimburses you for the cash value of your bike, minus depreciation and your deductible.

Stated amount

Pays the amount you mentioned when you purchased the insurance policy.

Agreed value

Pays the agreed-upon sum between you and the insurance provider when you purchased the policy. The sum stays the same, and no deductible is deducted from a claim payment. Owners of custom or classic motorbikes are usually given coverage based on a negotiated value or a specified amount.

Type 1 motorbike insurance

Motorbike insurance type 1 is the highest level of coverage available. It protects you and your motorcycle in the event of an accident or incident that is your fault. And if the accident was your fault, the insurance provider would pay for the damage to the bike.

It also protects all other individuals or vehicles involved also known as the “third party”. This ensures that your insurance will cover any repairs needed by the “third party’s” bike.

It’s also the only type of insurance that covers an injury that doesn’t involve a third party, such as crashing into a wall, hitting a dog, getting a scratch, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions about Type 2 Motorbike Insurance

Medical payments coverage, similar to health insurance, is a type of motorcycle insurance that pays for your medical expenses if you (the rider) are injured while riding your motorcycle. It protects the rider regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

Most offers flood cover as part of their standard insurance package while others don’t.

Type 2+ car insurance is cheaper than Type 1 car insurance. Type 2+ has a lower coverage limit on the amount you can claim following damage to your own car. The other significant difference is the fact that, with Type 2+ car insurance, you cannot claim for damage to your vehicle if it doesn’t involve another motorist.

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