Medical expenses (Add-on)

Protect yourself and your passenger from the high costs of medical treatments.

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What is Medical Expense coverage?

A medical expense, also known as rider insurance, is an additional cover and policy add-on that covers the cost of medical bills incurred as a result of an accident, permanent disability, or death caused by your motorcycle. It operates similarly to health insurance in that your medical costs will be paid up to the limit of your contract if you were struck by another car or crashed into a tree.

Medical coverage in motorbike insurance is optional and can be paid alongside both standalone-own damage and a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

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There are numerous add-ons you can include in your motorbike insurance to get more comprehensive coverage. Below are two of the most popular add-ons coverages available in the Thai market right now.

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This form of add-on will cover permanent loss of hands or vision, permanent injury, or death to the driver and/or passenger caused by your motorcycle. It covers more than just medical costs. You can also hope to be reimbursed for lost income if you are unable to go to work.

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Most motorbike insurance will only cover you. With Motorbike Passenger Cover, your passengers will be protected the same way you are. Having this additional add on gives your passenger protection while getting around with your motorbike.

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Why Choose The Thaiger?

Choosing the right add-ons to your motorbike insurance can be overwhelming – you want the best protection for you, your passenger, and your motorbike, but you don’t want to waste money for coverages you don’t need. That’s why we’re here and it is our job to make sure that you choose the right insurance for you that fits both your budget and your needs.

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Why Should You Buy Medical Expense (Add-On)?

Riding a motorbike can be fun. It can also be the fastest way to get around, no matter where you live in Thailand. However, riding a motorbike poses lots of risks and accidents. Thailand continues to be one of the top countries with a high number of road accidents, especially motorbike accidents. Adding medical expense coverage to your motorbike insurance can help protect you financially against these accidents.

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What Does Medical Expense (Add-On) Cover?

Medical expense (add-on) can help pay for medical costs if you or your passenger are injured in a motorcycle accident. The following are the expenses covered:

Medical Treatment

If you or your passenger are injured and need medical treatment, whether it is inpatient or outpatient medical treatment, the add-on will help you pay for the costs.


The add-on would cover the expenses of any medications prescribed by your doctor to aid in the healing of your injury. In certain situations, you will not be required to pay for all of the prescriptions because the add-on would assist with payments.

Home Care

Health expenses cover a wide variety of healthcare facilities that can also be provided in your home as a result of a motorcycle accident (add-on).

What to Consider Before Buying Medical Expense (Add-On)?

Before buying medical expenses add-on, you may want to consider the coverage limit or the maximum amount of money the insurer will pay toward costs covered by the add-on. Your premium will increase if you buy coverage with higher limits, but it will give you access to more medical treatment choices in the event that you are heavily injured in a motorcycle accident.

Note that medical expense add-on typically doesn’t cover expenses related to injuries to other people from an accident you cause, except if they are riding on your motorbike with you at the time of the accident.

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