Compulsory bike Insurance

Mandatory motorbike insurance (CTPL) will provide you and your motorcycle with mandatory protection.

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Why buy compulsory motorbike insurance through The Thaiger?

Get your compulsory motorbike insurance online in just a few simple steps. Here at The Thaiger we strive to make your experience the best it can be and all you have to do Inquire to get a free quote compulsory motorbike insurance.

What is Compulsory Motorbike Insurance?

On a yearly basis, you must buy compulsory motorbike insurance also known as compulsory third-party liability insurance (CTPL), as it is a legal requirement here in Thailand. Depending on the CC of your bike, the premium ranges from 160 to 645 baht.

CPLT is low-costs and only includes medical coverage. Whether or not you are at fault for the accident determines the coverage limit. If you cause an accident as a result of your actions, your coverage is limited to 30,000 baht. If not, the medical coverage limit increases to 80,000 baht for medical costs and 500,000 baht for death and dismemberment.

You could be fined up to 10,000 baht if you ride a motorcycle without a CTPL. Locals refer to mandatory third-party liability insurance as Por Ror Bor. You can buy it at the same time you pay your annual vehicle tax.

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How to check compulsory motorbike premiums?

Follow these few simple steps when checking insurance premiums online.

Identification Cards

Provide a valid identification containing a complete name and identification number or passport number.

House Registration

Give your current address and must be written completely.

Vehicle Documents

Provide documents of the vehicle such as the registration papers.

Submit the documents

After completing the documents you may now proceed to submission.

Tips for filing a claim under the compulsory motorbike insurance policy

The aim of requiring compulsory motorbike insurance is to protect the general public from the dangers that motor vehicles pose. Accidents cannot always be avoided, no matter how you try to be careful. Here are some practical tips on how to make a claim in case of an accident.

Read the fine print

Despite the fact that there is a common CTPL policy, it is important that you read and understand the fine print of a CTPL policy. Not all insurance plans would have the same fine print about limits on the use of a motor vehicle and the scope of public liability.

Keep calm and don’t panic

After an accident, you must provide the necessary first aid to the victim and contact the police for help, medical care, and an investigation into the accident.

Be honest and consider an amicable settlement

Assuming you understand the scope of your responsibility, be forthright with yourself and the other party about the accident’s cause. An amicable settlement will save all parties money and time by avoiding the cost and difficulty of a lengthy insurance claim review and potential court litigation.

The insurance firm, on the other hand, would tell you not to actually concede responsibility and not to give any settlement because it needs to be sure it will recover against the other party if it is found to be at fault.

Call the police to conduct an independent investigation

If you can’t come to an agreement, call the cops to investigate and chart the situation. The police should collect the names and contact details of the passengers, witnesses, and victims; interview the parties; measure and photograph the accident scene; and record the extent of vehicle and property damage.

Exchange information with the other party

You will need to share information such as the other party’s and witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers; the name of the registered owner of the other motor vehicle, his address, and phone number; and the specifics of the other motor vehicle’s insurance policy.

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I have chosen to get CPTL with the thaiger I believe that the services provided will be as good as the feedback received from others. I have already placed my inquiry, hoping to get a call back soon.

Polly Jamil


Every year, I have physically go get my compulsory insurance for my bike, but now with the thaiger’s services I can renew my insurance online, in just a few simple steps. Prices should be the same anywhere you get it.



Good job and wonderful service from the thaiger, got a quick and simple service to renew my compulsory bike insurance. Really impressive and appreciate my experience with the thaiger.

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Excellent service. Renewed my bike policy without any hasstle.

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Reading about compulsory bike insurance in Thailand, it provided me with a lot of useful knowledge and advice. Now, I’m considering getting a service from Thaiger to renew my next compulsory insurance for the bike.

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Thaiger has made this service much more convenient than going to the local agent to get my Por Ror Bor extended. 5 Stars.

Betty J. lodge

What is the Main Coverage for Compulsory Motorbike Insurance?

Thailand compulsory motor insurance comes with a small set of benefits, as one would expect from such a low-cost policy.

Have a look at the lists of the benefits and main coverages that compulsory motorbike insurance offers.

You are entitled to a specific amount of medical cost coverage per person prior to proof of your policy. This amount rises per person if you are found not to be at fault for the accident.

Key Points:

  • Entitled to medical cost coverage
  • Must have proof of liability
  • The amount will rises if found not to be at fault

Death, dismemberment, and permanent disability are all covered by CTPL insurance.

If it is decided that you were not at fault, there is a limited amount of preliminary compensation per person, and an increased amount for permanent disability or a fixed amount for death/total permanent disability.

Key Points:

  • Death, dismemberment, and permanent disability are covered
  • Preliminary compensation when not at fault
  • Increased amount for permanent disability

You must not be proven at fault and need in-patient care for injuries sustained in the accident.

You may be entitled to reimbursement of 200 baht per day, up to a maximum of 20 days/4,000 baht.

Key Points:

  • In-patient care for injuries when not at fault
  • Entitled to reimbursement

It is not about what you ride, it is about how safe you ride it.

Buy compulsory motorbike insurance not because it is mandated by law but also because it will cover your pocket in case of an accident.

Top tip: You will never know when you will need it so it is better to buy now than to be sorry later.

Why Choose The Thaiger?

With our partners, we strive to protect your motorbike as well as your civil responsibility for damage to other people’s property. Ride with CTPL assurance, trusting that your motorcycle insurance is in good hands. You can also find out more information about type 2 car insurance for more coverage and protection.

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Lists of insurance coverages for motorbikes

Motorbike Insurance provides the most extensive coverage for your most prized asset. You can now enjoy the most thrilling ride of your life without fear.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

Coverage mandated by the government that covers the insured against third-party liability for death or bodily injury caused by an accident caused by the insured vehicle, according to the policy.

Voluntary Third Party Liability (VTPL) / Excess Bodily Injury (EBI)

This coverage refers to indemnities that exceed the CTPL coverage’s limits.

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)

Protects the insured from liability for damage to a third party’s property incurred by the insured vehicle.

Own Damage (OD)

Coverage for damage to the insured property caused by an accident, overturning, falling, fire, or malicious acts of a third party.


Compensation that compensates the insured in the event that the entire insured vehicle or a portion of it is stolen or kidnapped.

Type 3 motorbike insurance

It is the cheapest insurance premium that provides the bare minimum of protection. Covers an accident with a vehicle only if the car is stolen, and insurance does not provide out, in the case of a fire.

In terms of accident damage, both the vehicle and the individual can file a claim for the motorcycle up to ten years old. Type 3 also offers insurance coverages such as accidents with road vehicle, accidental injury, third party property damage, additional cover and body and health damage.

Type 3 motorbike insurance provides additional coverages to the policy as well to ensure that you will get the benefits that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compulsory Motorbike Insurance

Anyone riding a motorbike on the road is required by law to have CTPL motorbike insurance. It covers you from responsibility in the event that your vehicle is involved in an accident and damages another vehicle or injures someone else.

Riding without compulsory motorbike insurance is illegal. If you’re caught riding without compulsory insurance, you could be fined 10,000 baht or worst case scenario getting your driving license taken away.

A motorbike is much less expensive than a car, insuring a motorbike, on the other hand, is normally more expensive. This is due to the fact that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in an accident and, as a result, are more likely to file a lawsuit.

Who you are, where you live, and what kind of motorbike you have are the three key factors that influence how much motorbike insurance costs. Riders who are younger, less experienced, or have recently been in an accident will pay more than those who have years of accident-free riding experience.

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