Personal Accident Coverage

Personal Accident Coverage will give you extra peace of mind by protecting you from any unexpected incidents.

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What is Personal Accident Coverage (Add-On)?

Personal accident coverage is an add-on you can include in your motorbike insurance for a little extra fee. No one wants even to imagine getting into an accident, but it can and does happen. And when it happens, it won’t only cause injury and frustration but also a financial loss. Sometimes, even a small accident can have a big impact on your finances.

As a result, having personal injury insurance will help you protect yourself from unexpected accidents by providing financial assistance when you need it the most. You will be covered for death, permanent loss of vision or hand, and permanent injury caused by your motorcycle if you have personal accident coverage. Your passengers will be compensated as well.

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Why Choose the Thaiger?

Choosing the right add-ons to your motorbike insurance can be overwhelming – you want the best protection for you, your passenger, and your motorbike. Here at the Thaiger we can give you exceptional service and help you find the best insurance for your needs. We’ll do the hard work for you, explore all insurance options available in Thailand, and make price comparisons just for you.

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What Expenses Are Covered By Personal Accident Coverage?

Personal accident coverage typically covers medical and other associated costs after a motorbike accident for you and your passenger. It will cover expenses such as:

Doctor Bills
If you get injured during the accident, no matter how small or big your injury is, you will be compensated for the doctor’s bills.

Hospital Stays
If you need to stay in the hospital to get treatment, personal accident coverage will help you pay for it.

Income Compensation
Getting injured after an accident may prevent you from working and earning money. However, if you add personal accident coverage to your motorbike insurance, you may be covered for your lost wage.

If you have a kid, you may need childcare expenses after an accident, especially if you can’t take care of them following the accident. With personal accident coverage, childcare expenses, such as hiring a nanny, will be covered.

Funeral Expenses
If you or your passenger, unfortunately, passes away in the accident, the coverage will help pay for the funeral expenses.

* Please note that the coverage can be different depending on your specific insurer.*

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The Benefits of Personal Accident Coverage

Personal accident coverage offers numerous benefits for you and your passenger. Here are some of the main benefits you will be receiving:

Disability Compensation

Injuries suffered in accidents can lead to permanent or temporary disability, which would impact your family’s finances. You and your family will be compensated up to a certain amount for your losses.

Benefit for Accidental Death

If you or your passenger passes away in a road accident without warning, personal accident coverage offers protection to your family against a monetary crisis.

Peace of Mind

With personal accident coverage, you can ride your motorcycle with peace of mind, knowing that you can always afford the needed treatment should any accident occur and that your family will always be financially protected.

Exclusions of Personal Accident Coverage

Exclusions will vary from one insurer to another, below are some of the most common exclusions:

– Death or injury caused by accident after the rider consumes alcohol or drugs.
– Injury and death due to violation of the law.
– Death or injury caused by your deliberate act.

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