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Why buy motorbike insurance through The Thaiger?

It can be overwhelming to pick the right motorbike policy for you, especially with so many choices available. That’s why we try to make everything easier for you! We simplified everything to help you save time and energy in purchasing the best motorbike insurance to fit your needs and budget.

What is Motorbike Insurance?

Riding a motorbike in Thailand can be fun, but it can also be dangerous, which is why every motorbike owner needs to have protection. One of the best protection you can get is Motorbike Insurance.

Motorbike insurance is the type of insurance that protects you from financial liability if you cause an accident while driving your motorcycle. In a way, it is very similar to car insurance. If you get into an accident, the insurance offers compensation for medical bills and payouts, depending on your policy. It can also cover you if your bike gets stolen or damaged. There are many different types of coverages and add ons you can choose for your motorbike insurance. For example, you can take out temporary coverage if you only ride your bike during the summer.

Besides protecting you from unwanted situations, motorbike insurance is also required by Thai Law. Motorbike Insurance is also known as compulsory motorbike insurance or “Por Ror Bor” among locals in Thailand.

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How Do I Check Motorbike Insurance Premiums?

Follow these three simple steps to check out the right motorbike insurance premiums for you.

Select the right insurance

Select the insurance that matches your motorbike and driving lifestyle.

Fill out insured details

Fill in the policy holder’s personal information for the calculation of the insurance premiums.

Stand by for the quotation

Select the right policy that meets your budget and provides your needs.

What are the Coverages for Motorbike Insurance?

The risk of getting hit while you’re riding your motorbike is relatively high. As a biker, you want the assurance that you are completely covered if something happens to you or to another person while you are riding your motorbike. This is particularly relevant in Thailand, where traffic rules are not observed in the same way as in most other countries. Have a look at some of the coverages provided by motorbike insurance.

One-party Accidents

Some types of motorbike insurance cover accidents that occur without the involvement of a third party. This includes hitting a wall or dog, scratching a structure, or even crashing into a tree. The cost differs based on your insurance plan.


Collision coverage is provided by most motorbike insurance types. The cost of repair for your car is also covered as long as it is caused by hitting another car. You must pay attention to every detail of the collision coverage policy. Cheaper plans send you to individual garages, while expensive plans allow you to have your car repaired at your car’s brand official garage.

Medical expenses

edical expenses are included in every insurance type. It does not matter what insurance types you have since the coverage amount is likely to be similar. A medical receipt is required for reimbursement. Medical expenses covered by motorbike insurance are likely to be different from those covered by your standard health insurance.

Fire, Theft, and Flood

Motorbike insurance protects you from fire and theft. However, there’s a certain limit on how it can protect you. If the motorbike is stolen because of your own carelessness, for example, parking it in an unsafe place, forgetting to lock it, or embezzling it, then you may not be covered. Fire coverage is similar to theft protection. You can claim from fire damage only when it’s not your fault. Flood coverage is the same as well. The insurers may reject your claim if you intentionally drive through flooded areas.

3rd Party Personal Injury

All types of motorbike insurance come with 3rd Party Personal Injury coverage as long as it is caused by accident. For example, if you get hit by a bike while walking, you may ask the rider for compensation and at least get compensated from Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL).

Motorbike Passenger Cover

This coverage protects the passenger on the back of your motorcycle. The insurer will reimburse you and your passengers for death, permanent loss of hands or vision, and permanent impairment incurred by your motorbike.

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Overall good site, the basic information is there, will be giving thethaiger 4 stars

Ella Carter

Easy E-policy enquiry forms, you only need to put your information in and someone should be contacting you shortly

Genya Lin


If you don’t really know anything about motorbike insurance, I would recommend to read the information from the thaiger, if you are interested in getting the product they also provide and inquiry form for you to fill up.

Isabella Lewis


I am Thai and I don’t even know what my options are, thank you the thaiger for simplifying the process and procedures.

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Save time with the thaiger, check out products, related products and other products that foreigners can get in Thailand.

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whether you have a big bike or a normal motorcycle I recommend first researching which insurance is right for you. Before you decide to buy

Jack Russel

Types of Motorbike Insurance

There are a number of insurance types you can get for your motorbike. It is illegal to ride a motorbike in Thailand without Compulsory Third Party Liability insurance. You could face fines, penalty points on your license, or even being taken to court if you ride without Compulsory Third Party Liability. Your coverage depends on the type of insurance you choose.

Always remember that in Thailand, everyone has different meanings of big bikes. Some say it means bikes over 400cc, while others say it is considered a big bike for any motorcycle over 250cc.

This is the most comprehensive type of motorbike insurance in Thailand. It covers you from all accidents and problems such as hitting an animal, a wall, or scratch on your motorbike.

Without major accidents involved and with a good record and history, it is still possible to get Type 1 insurance for an older car. This type of insurance usually is available to a motorbike that is less than seven years old.

Key Points:

  • Cover you from all accidents.
  • Available to a vehicle that is less than seven years old.
  • Low possibility to get type 1 insurance for an older car.

Motorbike insurance type 2 is the second most expensive motorbike insurance option in Thailand. The only difference between type 1 bike insurance with type 2 is that type 2 does not cover accidents where a third party is involved.

Type 2 motorbike insurance is popular insurance for motorbike because of its coverage and premium. For repairs, type 2 motorbike insurance will send your bike to a 3rd party independent garages, unlike First class insurance where it sends the motorbike to its official garages.

Key Points:

  • Does not cover accidents with third parties involvement.
  • Popular insurance because of its coverage and premium.
  • Motorbike will be sent to 3rd party independent garages for repair.

Type 3+ insurance provides the necessary protection against traffic injuries, collision coverage, and third-party property damage. Its only difference with type 2+ insurance is it does not have theft, fire, flood, and terrorism protection.

It covers the insured’s legal liability for third-party bodily injury with a limit of up to 10,000,000 baht and covers the insured’s legal liability for third-party property damage with a limit of up to 1,000,000 baht.

Key Points:

  • Protection against traffic injuries, collision coverage, and third party property damage
  • Does not include theft, fire, flood, and terrorism protection

Give yourself year-round peace of mind with motorbike insurance.

I think that all bikers should consider insurance because we never know when road accidents will occur. We can always avoid and reduce the burden of unexpected expenses with motorbike insurance. It can be confusing at first, but I’m grateful for all the help the Thaiger has offered me. I’m always treated like a first-class. The process is always easy as well, especially since they provide a simple-to-understand explanation for everything.

Top tip: Know the kind of protection you really need. Make sure you are fully protected, but you are not paying for coverage you don’t need.

Why choose The Thaiger?

Motorbike accidents regularly happen in Thailand, and in most cases, they end up with multiple fatalities. We ensure that you will get the service that offers the coverage you want at an affordable price.

With The Thaiger, you can have the assurance that you will receive the most reliable services. We strive to offer you the best and most cost-effective insurance.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Motorbike Insurance with The Thaiger.

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What You Need to Know When Purchasing your Motorbike Insurance

You need to know several things when purchasing motorbike insurance to ensure that you choose the best one.


A deductible is a fixed amount you agree to your insurance whenever you want to make a claim. The total insurance price will be decreased, but it cannot be waived. Insurance firms make you pay a deductible, so you have liability for your motorbike damages. It also helps to reduce the possibility of insurance fraud.


This is the fixed amount you agree to pay to be able to make a claim. If there is damage or scratch happens without clear evidence or no third party involved, you need to pay an excess. If the vehicle is impacted by something that is not a vehicle, like hitting a wall, posts, trees, animals, and stones, the excess may be dismissed.

Official and Individual Garage

When choosing a motorbike insurance plan, you need to decide whether you want to have your bike repaired at an official or individual garage. The official garage is where the vehicle will be fixed by licensed motorcycle mechanics using legitimate replacement parts. Rather than replacing the old part, the garage will replace a new part. On the other hand, individual garages are more comfortable, quicker, and cheaper to find, but some individual garages use fake parts and repair your motorcycle carelessly, causing more problems in the future.

No-Claim Bonus

Most motorbike insurance companies offer no-claim bonuses. This means that the company provides a renewal rate discount if you haven’t made any claims in that year or made only small claims. Although if claims are made several times within the same year, the renewal rate will be increased.

Theft Protection Insurance

It is important to first report to the police and insurance provider if your motorcycle is stolen. The insurance firm will then attempt to locate the stolen vehicle and summarize the claim. Normally, this process takes thirty days. The motorcycle owner needs to transfer vehicle ownership to the insurance company to receive compensation.

Compulsory Motorbike Insurance

Compulsory Bike Insurance, also known as “Por Ror Bor” among locals in Thailand, is a requirement for all motor vehicles in Thailand. Besides being required by law, compulsory bike insurance also cover you for motorcycle accidents, whether you are a driver, a passenger, or even a pedestrian. If the worst happens and you, unfortunately, dies from the accident, the insurance will cover your chosen beneficiaries as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorbike Insurance

Different level of coverage offers different level of protections. With motorbike insurance, there are four main levels of cover available. They are third-party only, third-party, fire & theft, and fully comprehensive.

They operate the same way as they do with a car insurance policy, with each one increasing the level of protection and cover.

Like with car insurance, motorbike insurers will look at a number of factors which include the rider’s age, riding history, previous claims, class of use, level of voluntary excess agreed, bike location, motorbike model, type and engine size.

Some insurance companies will allow you to carry your car’s no-claims bonus over to your motorbike policy, but the majority won’t. If in doubt, check with your insurer.

You should insure your motorbike for the entire year. It’s illegal to have your motorbike uninsured, and canceling policies could work out being more expensive than continuing with a yearly policy.

An alternative way is to declare it off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

In certain instances, your insurance policy may already cover certain add-ons such as pillion cover, helmet, and leathers cover, sidecar insurance, breakdown cover, loss of earnings, legal expenses, and European/overseas cover.

The smaller and fewer efficient engines of motorbikes are usually simpler to repair or replace. Less powerful bikes have less percentage of damage.

The older bikes seem to have less efficient engines, which means that your insurance would be less costly. However, rare or classic bikes can be different.

There are many factors for insurers to consider your bike, such as the engine’s power, modifications, age, experience, etc.. For example, if your bike is smaller, it means that it has less engine power. So, it will be cheaper to repair or replace and it has less possibility to cause damage or injury.

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