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Reduce all your risk while driving your big bike, by getting type 1 motorbike insurance

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Why buy Type 1 Motorbike Insurance with The Thaiger?

We have created a list of the best plans at the best rates for you to compare and choose from. We will assist you in comparing plans and purchasing insurance premiums that are appropriate for your budget and needs. The Thaiger and our partners work hard to provide you with the most comprehensive plans and options available in Thailand.

What is Type 1 Motorbike Insurance?

Motorbike insurance type 1 is the highest level of coverage available in Thailand. It protects you and your motorbike in the event of an accident whether it is your fault or not. Your provider will offer coverages for the damage to the bike and all personnel involved in the accident, also known as the “third party”.

Type 1 motorcycle insurance is also the only type of insurance that covers an injury that occurs without the involvement of a third party, such as crashing into a wall, hitting a dog, receiving a scratch, and so on. Non-third-party coverage may require an additional fee in some cases, while in others, it is included in the policy.

A car that is less than seven years old is normally eligible to get type 1 car insurance. However, an older car can only get type 1 insurance if it has a clean driving record and no major accidents, if you don’t qualify for type 1 insurance, type 2 insurance is the next best option.

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How to check type 1 Motorbike Premiums?

Check insurance premiums online with these easy to follow steps

Provide identification cards

Provide a valid identification containing complete name and identification number or passport number.

Provide house registration

Provide current address and must be written completely.

Provide vehicle documents

Provide documents of the vehicle such as the registration papers.

Submit the documents

After completing the documents you may now proceed to submission.

What are the Coverages for Type 1 Motorbike Insurance?

There are many types of motorcycle insurance, each of which protects you in a different way. Here is a list of what type 1 motorbike insurance covers.

Third Party Bodily Injury or Death

The Insurer will compensate for any harm to a third party’s life or health caused by your motorbike. Liability limitations range from 500,000 baht per person to 10 million baht per time.

Third Party Property Damage

During the time of your plan, the insurer will pay for damage to third-party property caused by your technical. Only the first 5 million baht of each occurrence is the company’s liability, which ranges from 1,500,000 baht per time.

All Risks Coverage

This includes things like collisions, explosions, and natural disasters. During the insurance period, a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake, or lightning would be compensated by the insurer. The maximum payout is determined by the amount insured declared in your policy.


The insurer will cover for any fire-related damage to your motorbike that happens during the insurance period (total or partial). The amount insured declared in your policy specifies the maximum payout.


The Insurer will compensate for damage to the car caused by theft or attempted theft during the insurance period. The amount insured declared in your policy specifies the maximum payout.

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Save a lot of time with thaiger, their online process was comprehensive, helpful and an ease to complete.

Cait Oram


Excellent website! The best user friendly website I have ever used – Thaiger you did a great job! Thank you!

Ben Furguson


If you have a big bike, I would recommend type 1 bike insurance as the policy has many covers. I had a good experience with the service and is happy with my policy. 5 Stars.

Roberto J. Johnson


Because of the excellent customer service and speed, the whole process was straightforward and easy. The Thaiger’s website is also very simple to navigate. Thank you for assisting us in reducing our expenditures!

Max Howell


Khun Oranee recently assisted me with a claim and was very efficient and polite; this lady knows how to look after her customers – many thanks from Gabbie!



I just want to say a BIG thank you the Thaiger, that provided me with the information and getting the insurance for my bike. Feels good being cover for the first time living in Thailand.

Anthony King

What are the type 1 motorbike benefits?

What matters most when buying a motorbike insurance is the protection you may benefit in the case of an insurance claim.

Here are some of the benefits that type 1 motorbike insurance provides.

If you’re injured in an accident, this type of coverage will help you pay for medical bills, missed wages, funeral costs, childcare, and other expenses.

This protection is not available in every state. The insurer will reimburse the driver and passengers for death, permanent loss of hands or vision, and permanent impairment incurred by your motorcycle.

Key Points:

  • Help you pay other expenses
  • Not available in every state
  • Reimburse the driver and passengers

Medical expenses coverage is an optional benefit that pays for appropriate medical care for you and your passengers up to the dollar amount you specify.

This is particularly important if you don’t have health insurance to cover your medical costs or if your health plan has a high deductible.

Key Points:

  • Optional benefit for medical care for you and your passengers
  • Important if you don’t have health insurance to cover your medical costs
  • Important if your health plan has a high deductible

The insurer will pay damages incurred as a result of the driver’s disability or death as a result of a motorbike accident involving the motorbike.

Liability limits are specified in the policy schedule.

Key Points:

  • Insurer will pay damages
  • Result of the driver’s disability or death as a result of a motorbike accident

Great Type 1 motorbike coverage designed for everyone

Buying type 1 motorbike insurance gives me a convenient and safe feeling while riding on the motorbike because whatever happens, you know that you are fully covered.

Top tip: Get Type 1 bike insurance now and dont regert it later.

Why choose The Thaiger?

We provide dependable insurance options for protecting you and everyone around in case of emergency. We will help advise and guide you on the right path to get your insurance. We aim to make the procedure of getting car insurance type 1 easy, hassle-free, and time-efficient for you.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Motorbike Insurance Type 1 with The Thaiger

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When buying motorbike insurance, you will have the option of choosing what will cover your needs, all of which may impact the annual premium.

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CTPL insurance is provided by law for all motor vehicles, and it offers compensation for all those involved in motorcycle accidents.

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Additional Benefits of Protecting your Bike with Insurance

Motorbike insurance is important for protecting yourself and the investment you’ve made in your bike if you own one. From liability coverage and coverage for property damage to your bike in the event you are held responsible for physical harm to another person as a result of an accident, we’ve got you covered.

Coverage in the event of a collision

Given that the estimated cost of a new motorcycle exceeds 300,000 baht, getting a motorcycle insurance policy in place would prevent you from financial distress in the event that your motorcycle is damaged badly.

Coverage for damage that doesn’t result from a collision

Type 1 motorbike insurance coverage reimburses you for other types of damage to your bike, such as damage caused by fire, robbery, or vandalism. Despite the fact that motorcycle theft has declined in recent years, tens of thousands of bikes are still stolen each year.

Offers liability protection

If you crash with another driver and are found to be at fault for his or her physical injury or property harm, your motorcycle insurance policy’s liability coverage kicks in.

Coverage even if a driver you collide with does not

It’s important to make sure you’re safe in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is provided with most motorcycle insurance plans, and it can protect you from these kinds of accidents by helping you pay for lost income and medical care.

Policies are affordable and flexible

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, there are a range of discounts available, as well as a variety of deductibles and limits to choose from, making coverage both flexible and reasonable. Your insurance company will help you select a policy that offers the best coverage for your motorcycle based on a number of factors, including the type of motorcycle you own and how much you need it.

Compulsory Motorbike Insurance

Every year, you need to purchase compulsory third-party liability insurance as it is required by the law. Depending on the cc, the premium cost varies from 160 baht to 645 baht. It is not costly but comes with medical coverage only. The coverage limit depends on whether you are the cause of the accident or not.

If an accident occurs because of you, a coverage limit of 30,000 baht comes with it. If not, then for medical expenses, the coverage limit rises to 80,000 baht and 500,000 baht for death and dismemberment. A penalty amounting to up to 10,000 baht will be fined if you ride a motorbike without Compulsory third-party liability.

The Thaiger is happy to help you get the best option for your motorbike insurance. We offer low-cost premium amounts with great deals and promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Type 1 Motorbike Insurance

In certain instances, your insurance policy may already cover certain add-ons such as pillion cover, helmet and leathers cover, sidecar insurance, breakdown cover, loss of earnings, legal expenses and European/overseas cover.

Motorcyclists, on the other hand, should always maintain type 1 motorbike insurance coverage, as it protects against threats like vandalism, theft, and fire.

The following are the coverages for motorbike insurance that you must have.

– Liability insurance

– Uninsured/underinsured coverage

– Collision coverage

– Medical payments coverage

Collision and type 1 motorbike insurance provisions are provided in full coverage motorcycle insurance. Complete coverage motorbike insurance refers to a policy that covers both liability and comprehensive and crash coverage for your motorbike.

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