What young riders need to motorbike insurance

Learn the ways of what you can do to help keep the cost of bike insurance as low as possible.

What is Motorbike Insurance for Young Drivers?

Motorbike insurance for young riders might be for you if you’re 16 or 17 and have just passed your compulsory basic training to take your motorbike out on the open road, or if you’ve been riding for a while.

For young riders, having a good insurance policy is highly advantageous. You can choose to upgrade your coverage. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that if you’re in an accident, the insurance company may help.

Key Points

  • Riders can get a Compulsory Basic Training certificate and drive a moped starting at the age of 16.
  • The cost of motorbike insurance is determined by a number of factors such as risk, inexperience, the make and model of the motorbike, motorbike’s value, your age, motorbike engine power, and your riding history.
  • There are lots of ways you can follow so you can cut the costs of your motorbike insurance premiums.

Motorbike Insurance Cost for Young Riders

Riders can get a Compulsory Basic Training certificate and drive a moped starting at the age of 16. Although there’s nothing like the rush of riding your own motorcycle, young riders pay considerably higher premiums than any other age group due to their lack of experience.

Because of all the variables, there is no exact cost amount for motorbike insurance. But, if you ride a high-powered sports bike, you can expect to pay much more for your insurance.
The most successful way for young riders to lower premiums is to build a healthy driving record over time.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Young Rider Motorbike Insurance

The cost of motorbike insurance is determined by a number of factors. Young riders pay extra for motorbike insurance for two main reasons such as the following listed below.

  • Risk – Insurers might pay out more in claims for them because young motorbike riders are more likely to be involved in crashes than older bikers.
  • Inexperience – Young motorbike riders lack the necessary road experience or years of no-claims bonus to convince insurers that they are responsible riders.

Here are also some of the additional factors that might affect the costs of motorbike insurance for young riders.

  • The make and model of your motorbike
  • The make and model of your motorbike
  • Your bike’s value
  • Your age
  • Its engine power (cc)
  • Your riding history.

Motorbike insurance is very important not only for the old and professional drivers but also for young drivers.

Choosing the Best Motorbike Insurance Type

There are three types of motorbike insurance that young riders can choose from.

1. Type 1 motorbike insurance – Type 1 motorbike insurance covers third-party accidents or injuries, damage to the motorbike, and medical coverage for injuries sustained as a result of an accident, fire, or theft.

2. Type 2 motorbike insurance – This provides responsibility for third-party property damage and accidents, as well as coverage for your bike if it is stolen or destroyed by fire.

3. Type 3 motorbike insurance – This is the basic minimum of coverage provided by law. It only covers damage and injuries to other people and their property that you cause. It does not refer to your personal motorbike.

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Steps In Getting Motorbike Insurance For Young Riders

Here are the simple and easy-to-follow guidelines when applying for motorbike insurance.

  • State the usage of the motorbike such as the motorbike is used for social, commuting, or business purposes.
  • State the fact about you and your motorbikes like your personal identification and the location of where you are parking your motorbike.
  • Indicate the yearly mileage such as how many miles you ride per year.
  • Notify any changes or modifications made to the motorbike such as storage racks, heated grips, and other changes from the standard of the factory.
  • Declare the value of the motorbike and how much the motorbike currently worth.

Tips On Keeping Motorbike Insurance Costs Down For Young Riders

As a young motorbike rider, there are certain things you can do to help keep insurance costs down. Here are some of them.

1. Choose a motorbike with a smaller engine – smaller engines are less powerful and are usually used on less costly vehicles, so the insurer would be less likely to pay out as much if you have to make a claim. As a consequence, choosing a bike with a smaller engine will help you save money.

2. Adding a professional rider to your insurance policy – You will lower the cost of your insurance by adding a rider with more experience. Remember to provide correct information because lying about this is known as fronting, and it’s a form of fraud.

3. Pay only based on your need – If you don’t need it, don’t add optional insurance extras like pillion cover or legal expenses to your policy.

4. Choose a bike that hasn’t been tampered with – Although most small motorbikes are less expensive to insure, fast, light motorbikes, such as small sports motorbikes, are disproportionately costly. Modified motorbikes would also be more costly to insure.

5. Look around – Select the coverage you need and compare quotes to find the best insurance at a reasonable price.

6. Voluntary excess – If you’re a young rider, the excess will be huge, so think about whether you can afford it. And if a higher voluntary excess results in a lower insurance premium, it’s worthless if you can’t afford it.

7. Qualifications for advanced riders – You can gain more experience and reduce the risk by taking an advanced rider course. Most insurers will give you a discount as a result of this.

8. Experience and no-claims discount – While not very useful when you’re first starting out, building up your experience and no-claims discount will help you save money in the future.

9. Keep your bike safe and secure – Properly locking and securing your bike, as well as installing security systems, will help to reduce the risk of it being stolen, lowering the cost of insurance.

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