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Woman brutally murdered in Chonburi




Woman brutally murdered in Chonburi | The Thaiger
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Yesterday at 1pm Police Colonel Chiddecha Songkhong, director of Nong Prue Police Station, Bang Lamung District in Chonburi province, was notified of a murder. The incident was reported as a murder of a Thai woman at a village in Nong Prue Sub-district.

Chiddecha along with Police Somboon Osammaitee, Pattaya Travel Inspector Police, medical staff from Bang Lamung Hospital Sawang and local rescue personnel rushed to inspect the crime scene.

They arrived at a one-story townhouse and inside the house they found evidence that there had recently been fighting inside. They also reported that there was a lot of blood on the floor and splashes on the walls.

They also found a ‘Spartan’ knife about 60 centimetres long with bloodstains still on it.

Woman brutally murdered in Chonburi | News by The Thaiger

While further inspecting the crime scene they checked the bathroom and found a young woman lying dead on the bathroom floor. Authorities revealed that her nickname was ‘On’, and she was aged between 35-40 years old. There were wounds on her neck and onher right-hand wrist.

After discovering the women officials secured the premises and set up a blockade.

The suspect is a 48 year old male from North Ireland who told police that he had met On at Soi Bua Khao before the pair returned to the guesthouse where he was staying. He says that during the night On had taken drugs, which he also admitted to doing. He claimed that On struck him with a pool cue and “created chaos”, so he decided to slash her with the knife.

Following the altercation the suspect took a motorbike from his accommodation and went for a drive heading towards a local Pattaya hospital, heavily intoxicated, crashing and suffering minor injuries.

Once arriving at the hospital the suspect began shouting and screaming that he had just murdered a woman according to hospital staff. They contacted police who accompanied the suspect to his villa where the corpse of On was discovered.

Initially, no documents with the deceased woman indicating her identity. Officials will have to wait for the investigative police to finish their report on the the crime and more information about the foreign men who has admitted to the crime.

SOURCE: Sanook

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My name is Anukul, I a writer for the Thaiger, I specialise in translation articles and social media, and assisting with our video production. I previously worked at Phuket Gazette and attended BIS international school in Phuket.

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Thai Doctor faces charges in “wombs-for-hire” scandal

Jack Burton



Thai Doctor faces charges in “wombs-for-hire” scandal | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Chiang Rai Times

A Thai doctor faces charges of human trafficking and involvement in a Chinese-funded cross-border surrogacy service, using Thai women to carry babies for Chinese couples. Police say that the doctor, whose name is being withheld, previously worked at a state hospital in the Victory Monument area of Bangkok and allegedly provided “assisted-reproductive services” to surrogate Thai mothers, usually at clinics in Laos. The surrogate mothers then returned to Thailand until their third trimester, when they were sent to China to deliver the children.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of all borders, the surrogate mothers are now reportedly having to give birth in Thailand, instead of in China.

4 other doctors at state hospitals will also be invited to provide information to anti-human trafficking police about the racket. A woman, suspected of being a broker who allegedly handles financial transactions for the racket, was arrested in Bangkok on Monday. She was later released on 200,000 baht bail.

In February, police raided a house in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao area and found seven Thai women, all of them pregnant, and a 20 day old baby under the care of a woman, who claimed to have been paid 14,000 baht to look after the babies in the house.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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Gunman kills 3 at Northern Thailand radio station

Caitlin Ashworth



Gunman kills 3 at Northern Thailand radio station | The Thaiger

Thai media reports 3 people are dead after a shooting today at the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand radio station in Phitsanulok, Northern Thailand. One other person is injured. Khaosod English reports that the suspected gunman, Win Sonsuk, has already been arrested. He was a staff member at the radio station. He was working as a transmitter engineer.

One of the dead people is the director of the radio station. Another was a senior technician.

Police currently suspect the motive may be a personal conflict with other staff members. He was waiting for police when they arrived at the crime scene. He was carrying two guns at the time of the shooting.

SOURCE: Khaosod English


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Posted by Ch3ThailandNews on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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Alleged drug runner busted with methamphetamines valued at 18 million baht

Jack Burton



Alleged drug runner busted with methamphetamines valued at 18 million baht | The Thaiger

Police in Issan’s Maha Sarakham province yesterday announced the seizure of more than 600,000 methamphetamine pills from an alleged drug runner making deliveries. Officers stopped and searched a man seen tossing a plastic bag from his car, and more more than 600,000 methamphetamine pills were found in more bags inside the vehicle. 43 year old Somphan Sri-ubon was arrested after police stopped his car at an intersection in Kantharawichai district on Monday.

The arrest came after investigators were tipped off that drugs were being delivered regularly along the province’s Kalamasai-Kalasin road. Police teams were assigned to stake out and patrol the route. One team spotted the driver of a Mitsubishi slowing down about 10 kilometres from the downtown district of Kalasin. The driver threw a black plastic bag into some bushes on the roadside and drove away.

The bag contained 2,000 meth pills. Officers radioed another team to intercept the Mitsubishi. After stopping car police discovered several fertiliser bags containing a large amount of methamphetamine.

Including the 2,000 found on the roadside in Kalasin, a total of 610,000 meth pills were seized. Police valued the drugs at about 18 million.

Upon interrogation, Somphan reportedly confessed that he had collected the drugs at Wat Phum Manorom about 6:30am. He was meant to deliver the methamphetamine pills to 4 locations in Roi Et, Kalasin, Maha Sarakham and Khon Kaen provinces.

Somphan said a Lao drug trader offered him 140,000 baht for the job, to be paid after he completed the deliveries. The Bangkok Post reports that police have extended their investigation based on Somphan’s information.

The regional methamphetamine epidemic has ravaged Thailand as prices are at an all-time low. It now costs as little as 40 baht to buy a pill, down from 200-300 baht a few years ago.

SOURCES: Chiang Rai Times | Bangkok Post

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