Severe summer storm wreaks havoc in Phichit, Thailand

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A severe summer storm recently ravaged Phichit province in Thailand, causing extensive damage to homes, religious sites, and infrastructure. The storm, which struck yesterday evening, particularly impacted three districts: Bang Mun Nak, Dong Charoen, and Taphan Hin.

The powerful storm toppled trees, snapped utility poles, and sent roofs flying, resulting in widespread power outages that lasted through the night. The district of Bang Mun Nak bore the brunt of the devastation, with 10 sub-districts and 59 villages affected.

In Nin Makok sub-district alone, 27 homes were damaged, while in Wang Samrong, 126 homes were affected. Other affected areas included Neun Makok with 99 houses, Lam Prada with 34, Hor Krai with 166, Bang Phai with 22, Huai Ken with 73, Wang Taku with 93, Wang Krod with 108, and the municipal area of Bang Mun Nak with 60 homes, totalling 808 damaged houses.

In addition, the Chai Mongkol Temple’s spire was struck by lightning and suffered significant damage, along with the complete destruction of the sermon hall at Bang Lampu Temple. In the Dong Charoen district, five sub-districts and 27 villages were impacted, with 235 homes damaged, while the Taphan Hin district also experienced similar effects, with seven sub-districts and nine villages accounting for 169 damaged homes, reported KhaoSod.

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Local official Thongchai Khimmakthong, along with local administrative organisations, village leaders, and rescue teams, are swiftly conducting damage assessments and providing initial assistance to the affected residents. They are working to clear blocked roads and further survey the extent of the damage to plan for subsequent aid and restoration efforts.

In related news, Thailand is currently bracing for a series of summer storms that are expected to unleash heavy rains, hail, and strong winds across the northern regions of the country. The Meteorological Department of Thailand issued a warning, highlighting the imminent weather disturbances brought on by a high-pressure area extending from China that will impact the country until Thursday, April 11.

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