Heavy rainfall warning: 70% of Thailand faces risk, 43 provinces affected

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Continuous rainfall and flooding have led to warnings in 43 provinces in Thailand, affecting 70% of the region. The Thai Meteorological Department urged citizens to be cautious of potential dangers amidst the downpour, including landslides and flash floods.

The heavy rainfall is a result of a strong monsoon trough passing through Myanmar, affecting parts of northern, northeastern, central, and eastern Thailand, as well as the southern region. Additionally, a low-pressure trough covering the coast of China and the southern part of the Andaman Sea, combined with the southwest monsoon, has contributed to this weather pattern.

This situation led to consecutive heavy rainfall across the country, and some areas, especially those near waterways and hilly regions, are advised to be on alert for danger from heavy rain and accumulated rainfall that could lead to sudden floods and runoff.

Sea conditions are expected to be rough in some areas during this period, with 2-3 metre-high waves in the upper Andaman Sea, over 3 metre-high waves during storms, and 1-2 metre-high waves in the lower Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand.

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Small boats are advised to avoid venturing out in the upper Andaman Sea until June 11, taking precautions and avoiding areas with storm activity, reported KhaoSod.

The Thai Meteorological Department forecasts this weather system will last for the next 24 hours, with 70% of the areas across northern, northeastern, eastern, and southern Thailand experiencing thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. The lowest temperatures in these areas range from 23-28°C, while the highest temperatures range from 28-35°C, with varying wind speeds of 10-40 km/h.

In the capital city, Bangkok, and its surrounding areas, 70% of the area is expected to experience thunderstorms and heavy showers, with the lowest temperatures hovering between 24-26°C, and the highest temperatures reaching 32-36°C. The wind speeds in the region will be between 10-25 km/h.

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