Hang on! BTS booty post draws viral attention to train etiquette

PHOTO: A BTS booty post calls for train etiquette. (via BTS)

“Does it have to be that tight?” a user asked after a post by the Bangkok Mass Transit System went viral. The comment was one of over 500 at the time of this writing in response to an eye-catching post on BTS’s Facebook page asking people not to lean on the handrail poles on trains and featuring a shocking image of a man using his booty instead of his hand to clench the pole.

The post makes the argument that, if riders just hold on with their hands, many people can share one pole, but someone leaning on the pole will either hog the pole for themselves or be awkwardly leaning on other people’s hands and they hang on. The message, calling for etiquette on the BTS trains also encourages safety and good hygiene, reminding people that hand sanitizer is available throughout the BTS rail station system.

But – and it’s a big butt – the graphic they chose did create to accompany the sensible message may have distracted people as the booty post went viral with over 3,700 likes, 1200 shares, and hundreds of people commenting on the over-the-top art.

Thai laughing comments at BTS post
An appropriate number of laughing comments.

The picture in the booty post shows a train car full of passengers – masked and hygienic – in the background, with a woman looking dismayed, arm outstretched, in a futile attempt to hang on to the pole. But it is wholly occupied by a man-like dark (and, um… naked?) creature, smiling devilishly over his shoulder as he leans against the pole, gripping it firmly between his large butt cheeks.

Big Butt Cheeks
This graphic evokes thoughts of “safety and etiquette!”

“Please be kind to your companions. Provide space to hold the pole, not leaning against the pole or leaning on the hands of other passengers who are holding the pole first. Always clean your hands before and after touching surfaces and wash your hands often. For good hygiene, BTS has alcohol service points on both sides of the station.”

The viral booty post has certainly brought attention to the issue, but the graphic booty art that has spawned hundreds of comments may have overshadowed the public safety message.

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