Thailand to welcome 1,700 medical tourists starting this month

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Later this month, Thailand is throwing open its doors to international visitors arriving for medical procedures. Up to 1,700 medical tourists will reportedly be admitted under strict conditions, but will be free to travel the country once they’ve completed a 14 day quarantine period, which could be concurrent with their medical treatment. Only those who arrive in the country by air and with a certificate of entry from a Thai embassy will be admitted.

Where the quarantine is carried out will depend on how long the medical procedure is expected to take. Patients arriving for treatments that take fewer than 14 days will finish their quarantine at the hospital where they’re being treated, while those undergoing treatment of more than 14 days will be housed in a facility designated as an “alternative hospital quarantine”. It’s understood that at least 62 private hospitals are involved in the quarantine program. Once both the quarantine period and medical treatment is complete, medical tourists will be free to travel the country from August 1, where they can take advantage of discounts on various wellness packages.

Medical tourists will have to undergo testing for the Covid-19 virus prior to leaving their home country, once again on arrival in Thailand, and a third time prior to travelling back home. Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will be treated for the virus in specially prepared areas of private hospitals and will have to foot the bill on their own.

You can read more about medical tourism and opportunities around the region HERE.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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