Japan bomb squad called to empty case full of sex toys

Although certain suspicious objects can indicate that a bomb squad is needed, a suitcase in Japan featured items that can cause a different kind of explosion. The bomb squad was, indeed, called to investigate an abandoned suitcase in the Shimomata neighbourhood of Kakegawa town in Japan. But, the objects found inside the suitcase were not what one would consider as dangerous. The luggage held, instead, a bunch of sex toys.

The suitcase was a bit hidden in the roadside bushes, making it seem that its owner was trying to hide it. Traffic was shut down for around three and a half hours within a 300-metre area of the suitcase. When investigators opened the case, they realised that the only tools they may need were hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes as they discovered an array of sex toys.

And, the online commentators certainly had a fun day as the news broke on Japan Today.

“Not a bomb, but still discharge-related.”

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“I’m sure whoever forgot their attaché case there is really hard up right now.”

“Hopefully they can return the case to its rightful owner.”

“They should track the guy down and make him pay for the wasted expenses of having to send the bomb squad out.”

“I mean, they should have enough residual DNA evidence to figure out who the owner is.”

“My friend just texted me to say ‘Hey, dude, they found your case.’”

“When I was a kid, I left a porno magazine in the woods [but] this guy is on a whole other level.”

“Another peaceful day in Shizuoka.”

Authorities think the hidden suitcase was due to trash regulations as most rubbish bags are clear or translucent. As the owner may have not wanted to put them on display for the rubbish collectors, officials think they were hidden out of embarrassment.

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