Pattaya motorcyclist crashes and dies after talking on phone with girlfriend

Man crashed after talking on phone with girlfriend, photo by The Pattaya News.

A tragic incident occurred in Pattaya on Thursday night when a motorcyclist talking on the phone with his girlfriend crashed into the rear of a parked sedan and died.

Rescuers arrived on the scene to find the victim, 30 year old Chavanin Treesakorn, seriously injured on Road No. 331 in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district, inbound to Sattahip district. The rescuers tried to revive him, but he succumbed to his injuries.

The rescuers found Chavavin’s demolished Honda Click, and a white sedan with a damaged rear, The Pattaya News reported.

A witness who first spotted Chavavin said that he was using his front lights because the road was very dark. He then saw a human body lying on the ground, so he stopped his car and quickly notified police and rescuers.

Chavavin’s girlfriend arrived at the accident scene. She expressed her sorrow and told rescuers that she had been talking to her boyfriend while he was travelling to his home in the Phlu Ta Luang area. She heard a loud noise and her boyfriend suddenly went silent. Despite her calling out his name, Chavavin did not answer.

The witness who first saw the victim picked up the phone and informed her that her boyfriend had crashed into a car and died.

Chavavin’s body was transported to Bang Lamung Hospital. It was unclear who the owner of the parked sedan was or why it was parked in that location. Pattaya Police are currently investigating the matter.

The ThaiRSC reported in January that as many as 939,713 road accidents were reported in Thailand last year, up 4.7% from 2021. Road accidents killed 14,737 people, and injured 924,799 last year, ThaiRSC said. The committee reported that 536 deaths and 7,885 injuries were among foreigners.

Meanwhile, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department’s Road Safety Centre reported 2,440 road accidents during the annual “7 dangerous days” (December 29 to January 4) when people head to their hometowns to mark the new year.

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