The show must go on: House to meet this week, despite 12 MPs having Covid-19

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Parliamentary meetings scheduled for Wednesday and Friday of this week will go ahead, despite 12 MPs and 13 parliamentary officials being infected with Covid-19. Thai PBS World reports that House Speaker, Chuan Leekpai, says the meetings will take place, as his advisor, Dr. Sukit Atthopakorn, has stated, “the House must be able to function”. Sukit added that additional preventative measures can be introduced in parliament, should the situation require it.

According to Sukit, 8 MPs from the Bhumjaithai Party have tested positive for Covid-19, as has an MP from the ruling Palang Pracharat Party. None are seriously ill although Chula has instructed both parties to ensure MPs, in particular those considered high risk, are taking proper precautions. According to Sukit, around half of parliamentary officials are currently working from home and both they and legislators have received 3 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Parliamentary meetings are currently subject to a number of disease prevention measures, including all MPs having to take antigen tests before entering the building. According to the Thai PBS World report, all areas previously visited by people who went on to test positive must be disinfected. Face masks are mandatory for MPs at all times, with the exception of when someone is addressing the chamber. Social distancing rules must be respected and dining tables are separated and fitted with plastic partitions. In addition, lunch boxes are available for MPs who prefer to eat in their offices.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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