Thai parliament officials apologise for Future Forward members’ kiss

“Let’s call a press conference to apologise for the last press conference…”

Parliamentary staff have held a media conference to apologise for the behaviour of two male Future Forward MPs who exchanged a kiss during an earlier press conference held in the Parliament building. The Nation reports that the House Speaker’s secretary Tankhun Jit-Issara emphasised the need to behave appropriately in the Parliament building, including in the press room.

“There are rules for using the press conference room that prohibit inappropriate language, insults, slander and indecent behaviour. Furthermore, users must maintain polite manners at all time in the establishment and follow other stated rules strictly.”

Tankhun went on to address other violations, including unauthorised live broadcasts on social media, as he warned of consequences for rule-breakers.

“We are not trying to restrict anyone’s freedom of speech or actions, we just want everyone to respect the rules of the establishment.”

He was not alone in his admonishment of the Future Forward MPs, with a House of Parliament’s spokesperson for children, women, elderly persons, disabled persons, ethnic groups and LGBT groups also apologising for the kiss in the press conference room.

“The committee did not plan for such incident to happen and we are sorry that the incident affected the image of the House of Parliament. I will admonish the persons involved and make sure that such an incident never happens again.”

SOURCE: The Nation

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