No coup is being plotted in Thailand, insists Ministry of Defence

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A spokesperson for Thailand’s Ministry of Defence wants to put an end to rumours that the Thai army is plotting another coup d’état.

Yesterday at 3.30pm, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence Gen Kongcheep Tantravanich publicly insisted that no coup d’état is in the works in Thailand…

“I assure you that there is no coup at all. Please feel relieved and at ease. What mission is next for Gen Prayut, I can’t answer.”

The comment comes after Digital Economy Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn warned that another military coup could happen if there are “too many protests” tomorrow – the day Thailand’s Constitutional Court will announce their ruling on suspended-PM Prayut’s eight-year tenure.

Prayut became PM in August 2014, three months after he led a coup against the elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra. He served two consecutive four-year terms in office.

Section 158 of Thailand’s constitution states that “The Prime Minister shall not hold office for more than eight years in total, whether or not holding consecutive term.”

Prayut was suspended from his duties as PM by the court when he hit the eight-year constitutional limit. However, Prayut’s supporters argue that his tenure began in April 2017, when a military-drafted constitution was ratified by HM the King of Thailand.

If the court agrees that Prayut’s premiership began in 2017, PM Prayut could serve as PM until 2025. Either way, Thailand is set to hold a general election in May 2023.

The Constitutional Court is set to announce its final ruling on PM Prayut’s tenure tomorrow, September 30.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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