Phuket’s Life Home Project Foundation becomes partner of GlobalGiving

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Phuket’s Life Home Project Foundation has recently become a recognised global partner of GlobalGiving. The non-profit organisation announced that they had graduated from the GlobalGiving Accelerator program after successfully raising funds for one of their projects. That project called “Help HIV+ Thai Children finish the school year 2021-2022,” saw donations from 43 unique individuals in the amount of US$7,805.

The CEO of GlobalGiving, Alix Guerrier, says Life Home Project has met his organisation’s strict requirements in order to become a recognised partner.

“We’re thrilled to have Life Home Project Foundation as part of our community. They have met our rigorous vetting standards for trust and community support, and we’re committed to providing tools, training, and support as they learn, grow and become more effective.”

“GlobalGiving donors value the opportunity to support nonprofits like Life Home Project Foundation, knowing that they’ll get regular updates about how their donations are put to work.”

Phuket's Life Home Project Foundation becomes partner of GlobalGiving | News by Thaiger

As a national nonprofit, GlobalGiving supports other nonprofits by connecting them to donors, companies, and nonprofits in nearly every country worldwide. GlobalGiving makes it possible for local organisations to access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective and make the world a better place.

Kenneth Miller, project leader at Life Home Project Foundation, says the project that received such funding, enables Thai children with HIV or affected by HIV to reach the same level as their peers.

“Our project offers our 10 children, who are infected or affected by HIV, a secure and loving family environment, providing them with a sense of self-worth and value within Thai society. Our children, who range in age and academic ability, are between 3 and 17 years old.”

“Our focus will be to add to their educational and social values/norms programs to the same level as other Thai children. This will enable them to reach their dreams of a promising career and to return to care for their families.”

Phuket's Life Home Project Foundation becomes partner of GlobalGiving | News by Thaiger

The Life Home Project Foundation was founded in 2002 and strives to prevent the spread of HIV as well as help those who are infected or affected by the disease. The organisation began their mission by acting as a hospice for women with AIDS and also provided vocational training for such individuals to develop their skills and feel useful again.

The organisation also provides education for HIV affected women and their children as well as helping HIV+ and AIDS persons in the surrounding community and hospitals. Furthermore, giving such individuals access to anti-retroviral medications has enabled them to lead much healthier lives in the long-term.

To help the local Thai Community’s children in Phuket who are HIV infected/affected live healthier, productive lives, visit:

To donate to the ‘Help HIV+ Thai Children finish the school year 2021-22‘ project, or to learn how just US$20 can make a difference, click the project name above. Currently, the project is just US$2,195 away from their goal of US$10,000 in funding.

If your organisation is looking to become a recognised partner of GlobalGiving, you can visit… to join the GlobalGiving Accelerator program.

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