Phuket officials say dry season won’t see water shortage this year

Phuket officials are confident that the dry season won’t see a water shortage this year. The predictions came after the Phuket Water Resources Sub-Committee met yesterday over the impact of water shortages in previous years.

According to The Phuket News, Vice Governor Amnuay says that since Phuket had a lot of rain during last year’s wet season, the water reservoirs are holding steady at 80%.

Amnuay says that despite an increase in water consumption due to the number of people on the island, there is no cause for concern that water will be short this year.

“Following climate data over the past 10 years, heavy rains to replenish the water levels at the reservoirs will come in June or July. Regarding tap water production during this period, raw water is still used from other water sources, namely from various [smaller] reservoirs across the island.”

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“If the water in these smaller reservoirs decreases substantially, then the water from all three main reservoirs will be increased.

Bang Wad, Bang Neaw Dum and Klong Kata are Phuket’s three main reservoirs.

Amnuay says the Provincial Waterworks Authority is continuing to improve the water supply system.

“The PWA is working to improve the water-delivery system to be more efficient in order to reduce the problem of weak water supply. Currently, the PWA has prepared a plan and hastened improvements in such matters.”

Such improvements include performing ‘step tests’ across the island to check the water pressure in the water mains. Such test help identify where pipes may have leaks.

“All agencies have confirmed that this year Phuket has enough water supply. However, people are asked to use water economically in order to have water available until the rainy season arrives.”

Last year, the Department of Groundwater Resources started a project to explore new groundwater sources in Phuket to cope with the ongoing water scarcity problem in the province.

Phuket officials say dry season won't see water shortage this year | News by Thaiger

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