Earthquake rocks Turkey – buildings tumble and fear takes over (videos)

A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeast Turkey early this morning, sending shockwaves throughout the region and causing several buildings to crumble.

The US Geological Survey reported that the earthquake was centred about 33 kilometres from Gaziantep, a major city, and had a depth of 18 kilometres. The disaster was felt in neighbouring provinces, as well as in Lebanon and Syria.

CNN, journalist Eyad Kourdi, who was in Gaziantep during the earthquake, described up to eight “very strong” aftershocks in under a minute. He said that many of his neighbours had left their homes out of fear.

“The quake jolted me from my bed and sent my belongings falling to the ground.”

According to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD), a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the town of Pazarcik in Kahramanmaras province. Reports from HaberTurk television indicate that several buildings have fallen in nearby provinces such as Malatya, Diyarbakir, and Malatya. No casualties have been reported as of yet.

The earthquake’s impact was also felt in Lebanon and Syria, causing buildings to shake and leaving residents in a state of fear.

Buildings in the northern city of Aleppo and the central city of Hama reportedly collapsed, as reported by Syria’s state media. Meanwhile, the opposition’s Syrian Civil Defense reported building collapses in the rebel-held northwest near the Turkish border. Additionally, buildings in Damascus experienced shaking, causing fear among many residents who went out onto the streets.

The earthquake startled Lebanese residents and caused buildings to shake for approximately 40 seconds, causing many to evacuate their homes in Beirut and either take to the streets or drive away from buildings.

The earthquake was a stark reminder of the danger posed by natural disasters and highlights the importance of preparedness and evacuation plans. Turkey sits on top of major fault lines and has a history of powerful earthquakes, with an 18,000 death toll from a 1999 earthquake in the northwest.

As the situation develops, our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy. More updates soon.

Earthquake rocks Turkey - buildings tumble and fear takes over (videos) | News by Thaiger

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