Thai democracy at risk following Pheu Thai’s exclusion of MFP in coalition

Metha Matkhao,

A collective of democratic organisations has appealed to the Pheu Thai Party to reconsider its choice to exclude the Move Forward Party (MFP) from a coalition government, declaring the move as a setback for Thai democracy.

Yesterday, a joint statement from 32 unit network cautioned that sidelining of MFP, the party with the most parliamentary seats following the May 14 election, would prove detrimental to Thai democracy and could spark a severe political crisis.

The declaration, largely participated in by several pro-democracy groups, insinuated this move against MFP would backfire on the Pheu Thai Party. It could also dishearten their supporters, endangering the support base of what is currently the second-largest political party in Thailand.

The network, spearheaded by Metha Matkhao, the general secretary of the Campaign for Popular Democracy, appealed to the MPs and Senators to advocate for the democratic goal. They should endorse a PM candidate who could ensure a coalition government comprised of Pheu Thai and MFP.

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Furthermore, the coalition hinted towards the “elite” parties, generally perceived to uphold conservative principles, that they should be willing to make some sacrifices. This would enable the two largest parties to independently govern the nation.

In a different line of thought, Veera Somkwamkid, the leader of the Anti-Corruption People’s Network, voiced concerns over a possible military coup as a consequence of an escalating political conflict. Veera advised the public to be watchful of political shifts, to avoid getting schemed into the “coup trap” or become political pawns.

Sombat Boonngam-anong, a political activist, expressed confidence that the Pheu Thai party will concentrate on their pursuit to redraft the constitution, thereby paving a path for the updating of fair and justified election regulations.

Finally, Panwadee Tantisirin, a prominent leader representing the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, encouraged support for Pheu Thai. She firmly sets her faith in the party claiming it’s still striving for Thai democracy, reported Bangkok Post.

However, she was quoted as noting her disheartenment in seeing the MFP failing to pioneer the government formation even after its election triumph.

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