Year-end bonus frenzy: Thai companies make it rain with envy-inducing rewards

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Over ten renowned Thai companies are set to distribute generous year-end bonuses for 2023, leading to a wave of envy. The highest bonus reported is 7.3 months’ salary plus an additional 37,000 baht.

Some of the companies declaring such bonuses include IHI Turbo Thailand, Jtekt (Thailand), Siam Toyota, Siam ATT I-Shin, Trimotive, SIAM DENSO KYOSAN, IJT Thailand, TTK, TBKK, and Sumitomo Rubber Thailand, with bonus amounts ranging from 3 to 7.42 months’ salary, along with additional cash rewards.

Dunlop Rayong had sweetened the deal by releasing its bonuses a day earlier, giving employees a 4.6-month salary bonus plus an additional 23,000 baht and an extra 2,000 baht special reward.

The page reported that IHI Turbo Thailand is granting a bonus of 5.5 months’ salary plus an additional 60,000 baht.

Other companies, such as Jtekt (Thailand), Siam Toyota, and Siam ATT I-Shin, are also offering bonuses ranging from 6.8 to 7.3 months’ salary with additional cash rewards varying from 24,000 to 37,000 baht, reported KhaoSod.

Trimotive announced a three-month salary bonus, along with an additional 65,000 baht. Similarly, SIAM DENSO KYOSAN and IJT Thailand have declared bonuses of 7.42 and seven months’ salary, respectively, with additional cash rewards of 18,000 and 40,000 baht.

It was announced that TTK is giving a bonus of six months’ salary plus an additional 20,000 baht, while TBKK is giving a five-month salary bonus plus an additional 26,000 baht.

Sumitomo Rubber Thailand and Mitsubishi Motors Thailand also announced bonuses of 4.6 and 5.8 months’ salary, respectively, along with additional cash rewards of 23,000 and 46,000 baht.

The significant bonuses reflect the companies’ appreciation for their employees’ hard work and dedication throughout the year. It also signifies the financial stability and success of Thai companies, which is a positive sign for the nation’s economy.

These bonuses will undoubtedly boost employee morale and motivation, leading to increased productivity and improved business performance.

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