Saudi-Thailand relations: Leaders discuss tourism and investment amid strengthening ties

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The chairman of Saudi Arabia’s Consultative Assembly, Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, was heartily welcomed by Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday for a constructive dialogue on potential collaboration for tourism and investment in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The Saudi-Thailand relations discussion was announced by Tipanan Sirichana, deputy government spokesperson for Thailand.

Al-Sheikh, leading the delegation from Saudi Arabia, had a deliberation with Prime Minister Prayut aimed at fortifying their collaborative legislative activities and enhancing their bilateral relationship. Insights from the discourse will hasten the cooperation between the two nations, prompting a strengthening of ties, noted Tipanan.

The Saudi-Thailand relations discussion, according to Tipanan, was primarily centred on elevating their relationships and investment potentialities, specifically in the EEC zone. This zone encompasses three eastern provinces of Thailand, namely, Chon Buri, Rayong, and Chachoengsao.

Both parties also tapped into the possibility of visa waivers for special passport holders and tourists. This was proposed in a bid to foster increased tourism prospects.

In line with various multilateral agreements, including contracts with the United Nations, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, both parties declared their commitment to back each other reported Bangkok Post.

Al-Suhaibani, the Saudi Embassy’s Ambassador to Thailand, along with other Consultative Assembly delegates, were part of the Saudi team.

The amicable meeting was the first legislative delegation from Saudi Arabia received by Thailand, since normalising their relationship, followed by General Prayut’s diplomatic sojourn to Riyadh last year for the signing of multiple Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs).

This journey was executed at the request of Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, resulting in a historic breakthrough after years of heated disagreements and diplomatic contention between Saudi-Thailand relations.

In a groundbreaking development for Thailand’s flourishing tourism sector, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is gearing up to embrace an impressive influx of 150,000 Saudi tourists this year. This remarkable surge in visitors from Saudi Arabia comes as a direct result of the strengthened diplomatic ties between the two nations, promising mutual cultural exchanges and economic growth for both parties. Read more HERE.

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