Now there’s a Pepsi price surge coming to Thailand, too

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Amidst Thailand’s skyrocketing prices on fuel, postal services, and palm oil, another item’s price is set to go up- Pepsi. Suntory Pepsico (Thailand) Beverage announced today that Pepsi’s price will rise by up to 2 baht per bottle starting June 1, now that the cost of plastic bottles and aluminium cans has risen. The company noted, however, that the price surge will hit stores in July.

The company said the price of a small Pepsi bottle or can will rise by 1 baht, from 10-15 baht to 11-16 baht per item. Meanwhile, the retail price of a large bottle will go up by 2 baht, while the wholesale price will increase by 20-24 baht per pack. The company added that it will offer discounts so retailers can maintain the current price of Pepsi throughout June before the hike hits shops in July. The company said the price of its other soft-drink brands, including 7-Up and Mirinda, would remain the same.

Prices in Thailand, and around the globe, are soaring on several products. The price of bottled palm oil has now skyrocketed to 70-76 baht in some markets, according to a survey by Thai PBS. The survey says that in department stores, the price is 68 baht per litre or lower. Efforts by Thailand’s palm oil farmers, extractors, and producers to cap the price of bottled palm oil at 64-66 baht per litre have proved fruitless.

Palm oil producers claim the price should be even more expensive, 77-78 baht, because of the high production costs.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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