Thai man murders 2 year old stepdaughter while intoxicated

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A Thai man admitted to murdering his two year old stepdaughter at a house in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok while he was intoxicated. Police suspected a 16 year old caregiver of involvement in the murder.

Medical professionals reached out to officers from Phra Pradaeng Police Station at night on December 17 after an unconscious girl, 2 year old Focus, was admitted to the hospital and later died. Police rushed to the hospital to investigate and found the girl’s face swollen and her body covered in bruises and wounds.

According to the hospital, Focus’s stepfather, 21 year old Rittiporn, and her grandmother, 44 year old Juthaporn, took the girl to the hospital by motorcycle. Doctors provided CPR to the girl, but they were unable to save her life. Bruises and wounds made them suspicious, so the police were called.

Rittiporn and Juthaporn were summoned to the police station for questioning. Rittporn reported to the police that his stepdaughter, Focus, lost consciousness at their rented room in the Phrapadaeng district in Samut Prakarn province.

According to Rittiporn, four members lived in the room including a 19 year old Fucus’s 19 year old mother named Pearwa, a 16 year old caregiver named Weerayut, Jathaporn, Focus, and himself.

Rittiporn said Pearwa was not at home when the incident happened as she was working at a nearby convenience store. He refused to discuss why Focus lost consciousness, so officers questioned Juthaporn separately.

Stepfather charged, caregiver suspected

Juthaporn revealed that Rittiporn went home to party with his friends at 7pm and Pearwa went to work at 9pm. Weerayut was looking after Focus and Juthaporn said she heard Weerayut scolding Focus and threatening to hit her for being stubborn. She decided to look after Focus herself, but Weerayut later took Focus back and played with her.

Rittporn arrived home around 1.30am and was drunk. Focus puked and pooped, which made Rittiporn angry. He hit Focus with a hose in the bathroom before going to bed. Focus had a stomach ache and was crying, so she went to check on her and found that she had already lost consciousness.

Rittiporn later admitted to police that he had physically assaulted his stepdaughter, which could have led to her death. Officers have not closed the case as they suspect Weerayut may also be involved in the death.

Rittiporn will initially be charged with premeditated murder under Section 290 of the Penal Code. This carries a prison sentence of between three and 15 years. Weerayut would also face charges if found guilty.

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