Shots fired in high-speed chase as police seize drugs valued around 500 million baht

In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, shots rang out in the city sky yesterday as police pursued drug dealers across Bangkok in a high-speed chase.

After a lengthy high-speed chase from Saraburi province, through Ayutthaya, into Bangkok’s Min Buri area, the drug dealers abandoned their getaway vehicle, a modified ambulance, and made an escape while police seized over 2 million methamphetamine pills with a street value around 500 million baht.

Pol Maj-Gen Chayanont Meesati revealed that Saraburi police had received a tip-off about a shipment of illegal drugs from the north-eastern province of Loei to its destination in a southern province in a modified ambulance.

The ambulance was being led by another car, which was intercepted by the police, but the ambulance managed to get away, using its siren to clear the way of traffic.

The drug dealers were armed and opened fire from the ambulance but thankfully no one was hit. During the pursuit, the villains crashed into a stationary car, which had stopped at some intersection traffic lights in Saraburi, but still managed to avoid the clutches of the police.

The ambulance was later found abandoned in a lane in Min Buri district, leaving behind the stash of illegal drugs.

Police believe the criminals are a couple who used to be rescue workers, adding there have been two similar cases of an ambulance being used to smuggle drugs.


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