Ratchaburi man murders wife’s friend in fit of jealous rage

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In a horrifying incident, a man wrought havoc in a home in Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province, today around 3.30am. Jealous over his wife socialising with a friend, the man, previously convicted twice, burst into the house with an axe. The friend was killed in the brutal attack. The wife and their two children managed to escape the violence.

The incident occurred in a single-storey, concrete house where 56 year old Supamongkon was found dead in one of the bedrooms. The deceased was found wearing long jeans with his face brutally disfigured from the axe attack. Near his body, a blood-stained axe was found and kept as evidence.

Twenty five year old Pennapa, who resided at the house, revealed that she was married to the assailant, 35 year old Surasak. The couple had two children. Surasak was an addict, often resorting to violence when under the influence. Unable to bear his abusive behaviour, Pennapa fled with their children to her grandmother’s house where the incident occurred, reported KhaoSod.

Supamongkon, who had known Pennapa for some time, called her earlier to ask if he could come over to drink beer. He arrived with three bottles of beer and began drinking with one of Pennapa’s male relatives.

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As the night wore on, the relative left, leaving Supamongkon and Pennapa alone. Suddenly, Surasak arrived on his motorbike. Seeing Supamongkon, he flew into a rage and attacked him. Despite Pennapa’s attempts to intervene, Surasak dragged her outside, injuring her hand and forehead. Surasak then returned to the bedroom, presumably to further assault Supamongkon with the axe. Penpha, fearing for her life, fled the scene.

The incident left the neighbours and relatives of the deceased in shock and mourning. The assailant was known for his violent behaviour towards Pennapa, forcing her to seek refuge at her grandmother’s house. However, Surasak followed her there and committed the heinous act. The police are now on the hunt for Surasak, who is also suspected of having stolen the deceased’s phone.

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