Prescription for drama: Accused mistress denies love affair, claims she is a nurse

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A Thai woman accused her husband of cheating and conspiring with his mistress to file a lawsuit against her. The accused woman denies being her husband’s lover, insisting that she is only his nurse.

The 52 year old wife, Naruecha “Sida” Kamutyothin, gave an interview to Channel 3 yesterday, October 30, explaining that she married her husband, Jade, and have a child together. Sida claimed that her husband changed after he was promoted to director of a school in the central province of Phetchaburi.

Sida expressed her disappointment as Jade, her husband, gradually distanced himself from helping her sell noodles, claiming he was too occupied with his studies. It wasn’t until this July that Sida discovered the real reason behind Jade’s alleged busyness. She claims he was involved with another woman.

In an attempt to confront the situation, Sida followed the couple to a hotel, which led to a heated argument with her husband. The dispute took a dire turn, resulting in an accidental stabbing when Jade tried to disarm her.

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Overwhelmed with remorse for her actions, Sida wished to make amends by caring for Jade during his recovery at the hotel. Jade declined her offer, insisting that his nurse should look after him. He even filed a complaint against his wife, accusing her of attempting to kill him.

Subsequently, Jade initiated divorce proceedings, leaving Sida disheartened. She had stood by him for over 30 years, supporting his career, but found herself in a difficult situation as she battled uterine cancer. To her dismay, Jade not only neglected her but also initiated legal action to end their marriage.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the mistress also filed a lawsuit against Sida, accusing her of defamation.

Accused mistress defends herself

The woman accused of being Jade’s mistress gave a telephone interview to Channel 3 yesterday. She said she had no romantic relationship with Jade. She was Jade’s advisor and his nurse.

The woman explained that she had accompanied Jade to the hotel to treat his stab wounds.

“I am helping the school director to recover both physically and mentally. He told me many times that he wanted to commit suicide. We went to the hotel for the treatment and to discuss the charges. We have to go there because the hotel is a safe place and has security cameras.”

Sida did not believe the woman.

“I am his wife. I waited for you two in the car all night. What are your medical procedures? Does it take a night? You work so hard over and above your advising duties.”

Husband blames wife

Jade gave an interview to Channel 3 about the matter today, October 31. He first accused Sida of cheating on him, saying that he had found a video of a man and a woman, who looked like Sida, on the porn site. What made him sure was Sida’s behaviour. She no longer showed him the affection and intimacy they once shared.

Jade revealed that the stabbing incident had left him on the brink of death, instilling fear that led to his decision to keep his distance from Sida. He expressed his desire for a divorce, but she remained opposed, necessitating legal action on his part.

In an intriguing twist, Jade acknowledged that the woman he had been involved with was primarily his advisor, but he admitted to a more profound connection. He cited her exceptional talents, encompassing nursing and investment expertise, along with fluency in English and German, as the reasons behind appointing her as his adviser.

The situation has been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Education, as it contravenes regulations governing affairs. The Ministry has committed to launching a special committee to conduct an investigation. If Jade is found to violate the rules, he could face removal from his position or expulsion from the government department.

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