Politician’s relative assaults emergency responder after Pattaya car crash

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A 45 year old man, related to a politician, attacked a volunteer emergency responder in Pattaya after a car collided with a residential wall. The drunken man swore and questioned the responder’s presence, despite the latter explaining that they were waiting for the police due to damage to residents’ property.

A distress call was responded to by volunteer rescuers from the Sawangborriboon Foundation in Pattaya after a dark pickup truck crashed into a house wall on Soi Rong Poh – Kao Mai Kaew 13 in Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province. Upon arrival, the rescuers discovered a bronze Toyota Revo with Pitsanulok registration plates. The driver was uninjured, but the crash damage to the property required police presence, KhaoSod reported.

While waiting for law enforcement to arrive, a man, seemingly intoxicated, approached the rescue team, verbally abusing them and demanding they leave as no one was injured. The rescuers tried to explain the need for police, but this only angered the man further, leading to a heated verbal confrontation. The man ended up physically assaulting Tuanthong Tedrunga, a 36 year old volunteer rescuer, and a chaotic scene ensued. Footage captured on cameras by the emergency responders document the incident.

Later, Tuanthong filed a complaint with Bang Lamung Police Station, identifying the attacker as a 45 year old man related to a local politician and sharing the same surname. The reason for the complaint was not only the physical attack but also the history of verbal insults from this individual towards rescuers in the area. The incident is the latest in a series of altercations but marks the most severe episode thus far. The case will be pursued to its conclusion.

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