Police raid Nasa club in Chon Buri, arrest 9, find 105 drug users

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Police conducted a significant raid on the Nasa club in Mueang, Chon Buri at 1.30pm yesterday. More than 150 officers from various agencies participated in the operation, aiming to curb illegal activities at the venue.

Upon their arrival, officers encountered a bustling crowd enjoying the nightlife. As the police presence became evident, many patrons attempted to flee and dispose of illicit substances, resulting in packages of drugs being found on the ground and in the toilets.

The Nasa club reportedly served food and alcoholic beverages without valid operating licenses, a clear violation of local regulations. During the raid, one individual was arrested on a narcotics warrant, while eight others were detained for distributing illicit substances. Additionally, 105 people tested positive for drugs, and one individual was found to be under the age of 18, reported the Pattaya News.

The owner of the Nasa club, whose name police have withheld, now faces multiple charges, including operating without legal permission, selling alcohol illegally, operating beyond legal hours, distributing illicit substances, and allowing minors on the premises. In response to these violations, Thai police propose an order to the Chon Buri governor to shut down the Nasa club for five years.

In related news, a special administrative unit led a successful raid on an illegal karaoke establishment in Pathum Thani Province, arresting several individuals and uncovering evidence of drug use. The operation took place at 3am on March 2.

The venue, disguised as an ordinary apartment block, hosted a bustling night-time scene where patrons and employees were found to be consuming and in possession of illicit substances.

The raid, executed by over 30 officers from the Department of Provincial Administration’s special operations unit and local administrative officials, targeted the second floor of a five-story apartment complex in Thanyaburi District.

The floor was converted into ten VIP karaoke rooms, opposite which was an outdoor seating area for customers. Authorities also found a covered snooker table, hinting at the diverse entertainment options provided to the venue’s visitors.

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