Pattaya journalist shooting suspect surrenders and confesses

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The prime suspect in the Pattaya journalist shooting case has turned himself in. He confessed to the charges of attempted murder and violation of the Firearms Act, following a warrant issued by Pattaya Provincial Court.

The incident involved the shooting of a local journalist, 28 year old Nathaphat Boonchaalee, who sustained severe injuries. He surrendered himself to Nawin Theerawit, Pattaya City Police Station Superintendent, who ordered Lieutenant Colonel Thananon Athipansi, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation, to take him into custody.

Thirty-two year old Khwanchai Panthong, also known as Pek, led the police to retrieve the gun used in the crime, which he had discarded in a field next to a railway track near Soi Srethee 1, Nong Pla Subdistrict, Banglamung District, Chon Buri Province.

The evidence collected was a homemade short shotgun. Pek admitted that he was the one who shot the journalist despite having no previous disputes or familiarity with him.

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The trigger for the incident was a motorcycle cutting-off incident. Pek claimed that the journalist abruptly cut him off, causing him to honk his horn. The journalist then appeared to be confrontational, which, coupled with being insulted and Pek’s intoxicated state, provoked him to use the gun he was carrying, shooting the victim immediately. His two accompanying friends were unaware of the situation as Pek acted alone, reported KhaoSod.

Pek stated that he purchased the gun from a friend several months ago for self-defence following an incident in which he was assaulted outside a bar several years ago.

“I admit that in that moment, I intended to kill. I always thought that if I didn’t shoot, I would be the one getting shot because I have had such an experience before. I regret everything that happened and would like to apologise to the victim and his family. If I could turn back time, I definitely wouldn’t do this.”

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