Over 2 million meth pills, 83 kilograms of ice seized from a woman in Bangkok

PHOTO: The Nation

Police have arrested a woman in Bangkok and seized more than 2 million methamphetamine pills.

26 year old Supalak Eiamthawee, from the Sasithorn housing estate in Bang Khae district has been arrested and 2.158 million methamphetamine pills, 83 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine (ice) and 25 kilograms of ketamine seized.

Police received tip-offs that the suspect rented a house in Bang Phai sub-district and another house in the Sinwong housing estate in Lak Song subdistrict in Bang Khae to store and distribute the drugs.

The house was monitored by police until 4am on Wednesday, when they observed her driving her car to a spot in the Sinwong housing estate and leaving a bag on the roadside. Police arrested her and found 2 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine in the bag. Police took Supalak to search her two rented houses and found more drugs.

She told police that her former boyfriend had talked her into distributing the drugs and she continued doing it even after breaking up with him.

SOURCE: The Nation

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