Inmates escape from Thai prison using soap to rust the cell bars

PHOTO: Sanook

2 Turkish inmates escaped from a Thailand prison in a daring, if not slippery, escape. Their main tool? Soap. They used soap to cover the bars of their cell in the Tak’s Mae Sot district. Over time, the soap caused the metal to rust and they were able to break the cell bars. Apparently, this isn’t their first cunning escape to ‘slip’ away from prison.

41 year old Murad Yeslikana and 29 year old Rasid Hussim were arrested on charges of entering Thailand illegally and were first incarcerated at the Nong Khai Immigration Police Prison near the Thai-Laos border. The men escaped the prison earlier this year and were missing for 21 days. Thai media didn’t report on the details of the inmates’ escape or whereabouts, but say they were found and transferred to the Mae Sot Immigration Prison on February 15.

Apparently, the inmates really thought through their latest escape. Police suspect the inmates planned for months and believe soap was rubbed on the bars everyday until the metal started to rust. Police say they suspect the inmates used a hard object to eventually break the rusted bars.

Immigration police are searching for the 2 men and believe the fugitives are planning to cross the nearby border to Myanmar. Or, dare we say, slip through border security.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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