Group of security guards allegedly gang up on 2 police officers

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A large group of security guards allegedly had a fight with 2 police officers at a popular seafood restaurant in Bangkok. It started when officers went to the restaurant as customers and started arguing with the table next to them. An officer poured water on a customer at the table and then security guards intervened, telling both men to come outside the restaurant.

One officer resisted, attacking a security guard as he was being dragged out of the restaurant, Thai media reports. An off duty security guard, who was a customer at the restaurant, tried to intervene and was injured in the incident.

The head of the restaurant’s security team, identified as “Mister A,” says the 2 police officers started an argument at the restaurant and were shouting nonstop. Guards tried to intervene, but the men didn’t listen and attacked a security guard, he says. The situation escalated when the men were taken outside and a video shows more than a dozen security guards ganging up on the men. One man was seen lying on the ground with a number of guards in uniform around him.

Mister A says he realised the 2 men were police officers and told Thai media he wishes to publicly apologise for the incident. So far, 9 of the 13 guards allegedly involved in the incident have reported to police, along with the restaurant owner and manager.

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SOURCE: Thai Residents

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