Former air force officer murders ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in Bangkok

A former Royal Thai Air Force officer murdered his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend at a house in Ratchathewi district in Bangkok yesterday morning. The perpetrator broke into the couple’s home and shot dead 24 year old Fah and 25 year old Korakot before fleeing the house. Fah was shot twice in the head and body and Korakot was shot 6 times on his body. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Korakot’s uncle Anupon Sawangnoi, who lives in the adjoining room, told police he heard gunshots yesterday morning. Anupon rushed into his nephews room to find Fah and Korakot both dead, lying next to each other. The gunman had already fled the scene. Anupon said he didn’t hear any quarrelling or fighting prior to the gunshots and expected it was a mediated and well-planned attack on the couple.

Police from Phaya Thai Police Station conducted an investigation into the incident and concluded that the gunman is Fah’s ex-boyfriend, a 24 year old former Air Force officer named Morakot “Shirt” Praparoj. The police found that Fah had broken up with Shirt, who allegedly abused her, and went to live with her new boyfriend Korakot at a wooden house in Sa Kaeo community in Ratchathewi.

The police’s investigation revealed that Shirt had visited the community multiple times in search of the couple, and one resident, a 19 year old male, provided him with the correct address of where the couple were living.

Korakot’s father said his son had never been involved in conflict with anyone before. He didn’t know that Fah was living with his Korakot until the murder happened. He believed a love triangle was the cause of the incident.

Superintendent of Phaya Thai Police Station Borwonphop Sunthornlakha said the officers know the escape route of the gunman and they are in the process of checking CCTV footage to confirm his identity and to assist in their search for him. The officers said they also know the identity of the teenager who provided the gunman with an address and will need to question him further to decide whether to prosecute him or not.

SOURCE: Thairath

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