Criminal steals police gun and man’s motorcycle to flee

Police are on the hunt for a man who stole an officer's gun and a man's motorbike to escape arrest. (via KhaoSod)

A criminal in the city centre of Uttaradit, Thailand, sparked a manhunt when he snatched a police officer’s gun and commandeered a local resident’s motorcycle. The incident prompted a swift response from law enforcement, who quickly mobilised forces to apprehend the suspect. The incident took place at the Ban Ko Red Light Intersection in Uttaradit City in the northern province at 5pm yesterday.

The Uttaradit Provincial Police later released an image of the alleged perpetrator, 40 year old Pisanupan Teppin. Teppin was observed fleeing the scene after stealing a police gun on a white Honda Dream motorcycle with the license plate 1GK-7129 Uttaradit. He has a history of drug-related offences, specifically trading in Type 1 narcotics (methamphetamine) without a permit.

At the Ban Ko Red Light Intersection, the police found a modified Honda MSX 125 motorcycle without a license plate, believed to be Teppin’s vehicle. This vehicle was found toppled over and abandoned next to a police patrol motorcycle.

The police officer, Chittipat Kannamang, sustained injuries to his left hand during the scuffle with Teppin. The local resident, Somphon Palprathom, from whom Teppin seized the motorcycle, was waiting for the police.

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Image courtesy of Khao Sod Online

Chittipat explained that he was on patrol when he encountered Teppin, driving a modified motorcycle without a license plate, near the Makro Store in Uttaradit City. He attempted to stop Teppin for an inspection, but Teppin refused to stop and sped away.

Chittipat pursued him to the site of the incident, where Teppin lost control of his motorcycle at a red traffic light and fell over. Chittipat tried to apprehend him, but Teppin resisted, snatched Chittipat’s gun, and then seized Somphon’s motorcycle to flee the scene. Chittipat immediately radioed for backup.

Somphon recounted that he was slowing down his motorcycle at the red light when Teppin approached him, pointed a gun at him, and demanded his motorcycle. Fearing for his life, Somphon complied. He claimed to have no prior knowledge or involvement in the incident.

As of the latest report, both uniformed and plainclothes police officers from Uttaradit City Police Station have been mobilised to track down the suspect. They have issued a warning about Teppin, who is considered armed and dangerous and have urged anyone who spots him to immediately call 191, reports Khao Sod Online.

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