Allegedly drunk woman tries to run down Bangkok pedestrians

PHOTO: Nation Thailand

A 37 year old businesswoman tried to run over pedestrians with her car near Bangkok’s Khae Rai Intersection and Tao Poon MRT station, after learning her business was embezzled out of millions of baht. She was allegedly drunk at the time. Bang Sue police were notified of the incident in the early hours of this morning and tracked down the car, but the driver tried to flee to Or Tor Kor Market in Chatuchak district.

It was reported that she tried unsuccessfully to ram pedestrians near Khae Rai Intersection in Nonthaburi province at 11:00 last night and then headed into Bangkok.

Police tried to stop the car but failed, until it collided with another car, resulting in substantial damage to the 2 vehicles and 4 motorcycles. Several people were injured, including driver Wishuda Vittayasinthana, who was sent to hospital.

Wishuda’s father reportedly told police that she was stressed due to her business being embezzled out of millions of baht, and drank heavily before heading off.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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