6 arrested in Pattaya for illegal online gambling operation

PHOTO: 6 Thai people were arrested in Pattaya yesterday running an illegal online gambling website. (Flickr - Marco Verch)

In Pattaya today, 6 people were arrested, accused by the Police Cyber Taskforce of running illegal online gambling websites. The task force raided the Pattaya home yesterday afternoon along with the Pattaya City Police.2 women and 4 men, all Thai nationals, were taken into custody after being found running Baccarat gambling websites from the Baan Suan La La Na house in Nongprue.

PCT Region 2 officers confirmed the discovery, which is in violation of Thailand’s laws against illegal online gambling. They were taken into custody, but identities were not released, and they claim that they don’t know who their employers are. The suspects said they received 9,000 baht a month to run the website, but claimed they were remote low-level employees, so they had never met the owners of the website or any employees.

Many similar illegal internet gambling operations have been uncovered by police lately, as they attempt to crack down on website operators breaking the law online. Another bust yesterday took place in Bangkok where a group of graduates were caught gambling with 100 SIM cards used in the operation and numerous drugs.

9 bank books were confiscated showing earnings of about 10,000 baht a day from the online gambling. Police also impounded 10 computers and 4 cars from the site. Their online databases indicate a large operation with more than 10,000 gamblers registered.

Police uncovered the online gambling operation after local residents complained to the police. Concerned neighbours told police they suspected the house was being used for illegal gambling activities. Police acted on the tip to stake out the building and observe. Enough suspicious activity was seen to warrant the raid of the house.

After the arrest, the Police Cyber Taskforce vowed to continue investigating the online gambling site and attempt to locate the owners and high-up operators in the illegal gambling ring.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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