Pooling trouble: Udon Thani cops dive in, net 31 in drug raid splash

Picture courtesy of Mueang Udon Thani Police

Police in Udon Thani conducted a significant raid on a pool villa, resulting in the arrest of 31 individuals involved in a drug party. The operation took place after authorities received a tip-off from the Damrongdhama Center. The raid uncovered a new type of illicit substance disguised within 13 packs of collagen, along with two ecstasy pills and 2.48 grammes of ketamine.

Among those detained, 29 were Thai nationals and two were Laotian nationals. Police reports indicate that the suspects were distributing this new drug variant from Laos to Thailand. Drug tests revealed 15 of the detainees tested positive for drug use, a police spokesperson said.

“The drug party had a student uniform theme, though the suspects were aged between 20 and 30 years old.”

All detainees were taken to Mueang Udon Thani Police Station, where bail was set at 50,000 baht each. Initial investigations suggest that the Laotian nationals brought the new type of illicit collagen into Udon Thani specifically for these parties. This points to a larger network of drug distribution between Laos and Thailand, which the authorities are working to dismantle.

This raid is the third operation targeting similar drug parties in the area. The Udon Thani Police emphasised their dedication to cracking down on these activities, continuing their investigation into the origins and distribution channels of the illicit substances involved, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, police on Tuesday, June 11, in Nakhon Pathom dismantled a drug-fuelled party at a luxury pool villa, discovering various drugs including ketamine and meth. Some 34 individuals were arrested in the drug raid despite attempts to evade capture.

Initial charges against the detainees include the possession and consumption of illegal substances. Police are conducting further investigations to trace the origins of the drugs and identify the organisers of the party, intending to pursue legal action. These operations demonstrate the ongoing effort of Thai authorities to combat illicit drug use in Thailand.

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