Chadchart’s fears for Thai kids after cannabis decriminalisation

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt admits he fears for the health and safety of Thailand’s children after the decriminalisation of cannabis on June 9. He fears the lack of guidelines and accompanying legislation has led to confusion and incorrect assumptions following the announcement.

The 56 year old voiced his concerns at Wichutit School in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district while promoting a project to procure safety helmets for young students who ride as a passenger or pillion on motorcycles to school.

Chadchart says he has asked schools to make children aware of the potential harmful effects of the plants by producing pamphlets and hanging up posters. The city chief also urged local businesses near schools to join a crusade to steer children away from cannabis, hemp, and kratom.

The governor said the decriminalisation of the three plants, which are now widely available, could harm students. He acknowledged he was aware Wichutit School is adjacent to Prachasongkroh Road where several shops sell cannabis and says it is a concern whilst there has been no follow up legislation from the Thai government.

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But Chadchart says he has every confidence the local business community will help to prevent children from getting access to cannabis-related products.

“I have to thank them for lending a hand. kratom is now being sold freely around some schools, which have a responsibility to teach students about its addictive properties. In fact, kratom may not be any less harmful than cannabis.”

On a separate issue, Chadchart says he is concerned about the number of children travelling to school on motorcycles without a helmet.

He revealed a survey showed that 70% of the 270,000 young students attending Bangkok Metropolitan Administration-run schools do not wear helmets on motorcycles and he wants to change that. And Bangkok is a lot further ahead in the wearing of bike helmets when compared to other provinces in Thailand where a bike helmet is a rare sight on young students.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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